Old School Screen Capture

For all you young’uns out there…

This is how we did screen captures in the olden times. We took a picture of the TV screen and then using a cable, connected the camera to the computer and copied the photo onto the computer where we were then able email it to a friend who knew how to put it on the Internet. I’m guessing this may have been the Lou Dobbs/Moneyline interview. Look how young Kevin looks.

Old School screen capture



Spacey Emmy for 2016?

The nominations are not in!

The 2016 Emmy nominations won’t be announced until Thursday morning but some are saying Kevin could finally win for House of Cards this year, mainly due to his past competition no longer being in the jobs they won for.

I would prefer to think that if he were to win this year, his ship finally came in.


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Random thoughts and postings…

The weather has been horrible for my vegetables this year. There are 7 very small tomatoes on a plant called Fourth of July which claims to be the earliest variety to ripen and you’ll have ripe tomatoes on Independence Day. This was this morning. July 1st. You be the judge.

FourthOfJulyTomato 07-01-2016

It would take too long to list everything that is not producing anything but bugs so far so I will show you something that is very exciting! I have never tried growing this before and bought the plant with no pre-planning when I was at Lowe’s looking for something else and it has had flowers for a few weeks now and then this morning the first fruit (or vegetable) of the plant had appeared! I can tell you that what has me excited is the purple thing. Can you guess what it is?  Or aspires to be?


While you try to figure it out, perhaps someone can explain to me why no one inside the walls of Alexandria thought to go scavenge a Home Depot or something and grab the supplies to build a greenhouse so they could grow things year round when not fighting off zombies? Some 2x4s and some plastic tarps. Or grab a book from a library that tells you how to look for food in the woods since Daryl apparently didn’t know how. If Carole could make cookies with beets, she could have figured out how to make soups from tree bark. Had they shown some smarts the show wouldn’t have taken such an idiotic turn there at the halfway point of season 6.

I am hoping to add more old Spacey items to the site this next week. I haven’t had the time but with the weather turning hot and humid (when it’s not raining!) I’m inside more now.

Nines Lives and Talking Tom Cat App

Nines Lives Cross-branding


I’m not actually familiar with the Talking Tom apps but others are and they are making the Nine Lives logo their new recording button. Jennifer Garner explains it all below.

The Talking Tom Cat app is available to download FREE on iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon right here.

Movie comes out in just over a month. August 5th in the US.

HOC in Concert

Kevin Spacey is NOT scheduled to appear.

I repeat NOT scheduled to appear. But I thought it was interesting. There was an ad in the Washington Post today for House of Cards in concert at the Kennedy Center on July 14th.

It is the music from the TV show performed by the NSO.

From the Kennedy center website:

NSO Pops: House of Cards in Concert

House of Cards in Concert receives its world premiere performance by the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jeff Beal, who writes the score for the hit Netflix show. Beal moderates a panel with actors and creators from the show following the concert.

HOC in Concert