Tony Awards 2017

Spacey Hosting

Kevin has been announced as the host of this year’s Tony Awards.

The show is televised live on June 11th from 8-11pm EST (taped for PST) on CBS. From Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Kevin is quoted as saying “I was their second choice for Usual Suspects, fourth choice for American Beauty and 15th choice to host this year’s Tony Awards. I think my career is definitely going in the right direction. Maybe I can get shortlisted to host the Oscars if everyone else turns it down.”

NY Times theater columnist Michael Paulson says Kevin is an unusual choice to host the show. I’m not sure why he thinks that but I will now be forced to watch the show.

Long time, no post

I’m still here…

I haven’t been posting for a while because my father has been ill again and has taken a lot of care from the whole family but I still have more of the stuff from the old DMS to add once I have some time. Mostly my bits of free time have consisted of attempts at catnaps while listening to British gardening videos on YouTube. I’ve also checked in on that giraffe in the wee small hours of the morning. If I could remember how to do a quick poll I’d do a poll on whether you think Kevin has been watching the giraffe when he can’t sleep. To tide you over until I have a chance to update, enjoy this picture of the only sunflower that bloomed in my garden last year. Three different varieties in 3 different places and just one bloom.

Sunflower 2016

Tony Bennett Birthday CD

Kevin sings again

Kevin is on the CD for the Tony Bennett Celebrates 90 concert that was on TV last week. Selection number 4. You can stream it on Amazon free if you have Prime or buy the digital song from them for $1.59. The entire album is also available as streaming, MP3 album audio CD and an exclusive to Amazon deluxe audio CD. Kevin’s selection #4 is not on the deluxe CD which is 2 extra discs of just Tony Bennett.

I actually saw the CD in a display near the register at Barnes & Noble this morning and flipped it over to see if Kevin’s number was on it. And it was.

You can also find it on Kevin’s YouTube channel.


It is C-O-L-D.

I have no idea what Kevin is currently doing. I am freezing. I don’t want to go outside. I failed in my effort to read a select number of unread books from my library of books for 2016 and I wish I had a cup of hot tea in my hand right now. Or that I was on a tropical island with warm breezes blowing instead of gusty, frigid wind making the windows rattle.

How about a nostalgic trip to Spacey island to warm you up?

Happy 16th Birthday DMS

It’s Our Birthday!

Driving Mr. Spacey! is 16 years old. Pay It Forward was in theaters and the site started with just 3 simple pages. I never dreamed it would still be here so many years later.

spacey-coverThere have been fun times, crazy times, crazy fans, emails telling me I am pathetic and Kevin is pathetic and so is the site. Emails telling me Kevin should be shot for treason. Emails telling me I am so fantastic and talented and they love my latest movie (I guess they mean Kevin since I don’t have any movies). Concerts, controversies, chats and KevieBear. Polls and magazines and arguments about movies (I hated American Beauty but loved The Big Kahuna), autographs, flowers to stage doors, cards to Kevin and some responses (very exciting!). The picture is one of the very first photos I had on the site. He looks so young!

Onward to year 17!