No hats indoors!


Supposedly the entire Internet, according to people on Twitter, is furiously trying to find out the identity of the man with the fedora who was sitting next to Kevin during last night’s Emmy telecast. I can tell you one person who doesn’t care who he was. The poor woman seated behind him who had to look at the back of his hat all evening. Considering Kevin is such a stickler for theatre protocol and cell phones, you would think he’d have told his friend to remove his hat indoors. Kevin looked great as always, even though he was not the winner in his category.

2016 Emmy Awards

Will he or won’t he?

Kevin is nominated for an Emmy award for his role in House of Cards and some entertainment writers think he is a shoe-in due to his past competition not being on the air anymore but others think his chance has come and gone.

He has been nominated 10 times. Four times as an actor in HOC, once as an actor in Recount, four times as producer of HOC and once as producer of a TV movie called Bernard and Doris.

Emmy Awards tonight (Sunday, September 18) on ABC.