Happy 16th Birthday DMS

It’s Our Birthday!

Driving Mr. Spacey! is 16 years old. Pay It Forward was in theaters and the site started with just 3 simple pages. I never dreamed it would still be here so many years later.

spacey-coverThere have been fun times, crazy times, crazy fans, emails telling me I am pathetic and Kevin is pathetic and so is the site. Emails telling me Kevin should be shot for treason. Emails telling me I am so fantastic and talented and they love my latest movie (I guess they mean Kevin since I don’t have any movies). Concerts, controversies, chats and KevieBear. Polls and magazines and arguments about movies (I hated American Beauty but loved The Big Kahuna), autographs, flowers to stage doors, cards to Kevin and some responses (very exciting!). The picture is one of the very first photos I had on the site. He looks so young!

Onward to year 17!