Spacey movie release

Billionaire Boys Club

It would appear that Billionaire Boys Club may be going to have some kind of theatrical release after all. According to IMDB, it will be released in the US on August 3 and Portugal on September 27. The official trailer is on YouTube and is showing a July 19 release date somewhere I can’t place yet. Thank you to Randi.

Fall From Grace

YouTube suggests…

Kevin Spacey and Bernadette Peters as Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker in the old TV movie Fall From Grace which suddenly turned up as a suggested video on YouTube this afternoon. It’s a bit on the grainy side but that only makes the movie seem weird and a bit icky. This is likely not on Kevin Spacey’s list of must see projects.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Some updates

This is going to be a looong one.

Since the Kevin Spacey Foundation has decided to distance themselves from Kevin Spacey and close down, the link on the Links page works but there is nothing at the site address to see. They seem to have taken down the related YouTube channel as well so I removed that link altogether. Kevin’s own YouTube channel and his official site are still online but have not been updated in quite a while. His web site hadn’t been updated regularly anyway, so that’s not really news. Unless I am mistaken, his Twitter and Facebook pages have not been used by him since October. There is nothing to add to the Coming Soon pages since Netflix stopped Gore and there is no release date info on the IMDB for Billionaire Boys Club.

I was going to try to add some of the stuff that had never been transferred from the old DMS site but my laptop is currently unusable and I don’t know if the old FrontPage program I used to use still works on this old work computer I am using right now.  While I couldn’t publish with that program. I was still able to access and copy the files.

I added (or I think I added) the few non-Spacey photos I took when I went to NYC for The Iceman Cometh to the page about my trip. I know I scanned them.

I have been thinking about changing the tag line for the site title from A Kevin Spacey Fan Site to something else but I’m not sure what. KevieBear is kind of in limbo right now although has made a few posts on his FB page. He’s thinking of branching out in a different direction.

I have been spending my time trying to convince myself to start doing the major cleaning and de-cluttering work that desperately needs to be done around the house but so far that has eluded me. I’ve had 2 bouts of tonsillitis since November, my allergies and sinuses have not let up at all and I have just had a bad case of the blahs for the past month or so. Hopefully once the weather improves and I can get outside it will help. I *have* started my seeds for the coming season using my dad’s old seed starting set up and that has been both sad at times and made me feel better at times. I’ve been taking pictures with his old camera since mine succumbed to a strange accident. This camera takes pictures in color, b/w or sepia. Very artsy but not very practical. Fortunately the SD card was salvaged from my camera so I didn’t lose all those photos and most of the edited versions of those photos are on various flash drives.

I finally figured out how to get rid of the date stamp when taking pictures. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:

I have thought about starting a second site for my gardening but don’t think I have the energy for that right now. If I do, it would have pictures of my miniature gardens, such as the miniature garden from last year. Anyone who was a friend on my gardening page on FB will have already seen all the pictures shown today.

Think I should do a gardening page?



Where do we go from here?


I decided to go ahead and pay for one more year of web hosting for DMS since I didn’t want to wipe out 17 years of work and (mostly) good memories while feeling so conflicted on the matter and simultaneously trying to get through the holidays and all of the family birthdays for the first time since my father died. I decided it would be better and easier to make any decision in my own time, so to speak, rather than feeling the emotional pressure of the hosting plan expiring and feeling I had to make a decision with the clock ticking.

So that pressure is off and this past week I’ve been feeling the urge to work on the site in some way but when I log on to WordPress I just sit there staring at the computer screen. I don’t have a clue how to go forward.


Happy Holidays 2017

Merry Christmas and all that!

There’s no funny Spacey JibJab video this year I’m afraid. I still have a few days to decide whether to continue on with the site. Thank you to everyone who contacted me with an opinion either way. I hate to see so many years of work just disappear but at the same time I hate to have the site sit here stagnant. We’ll see.

KevieBear still lives though and is looking forward to hot chocolate, Christmas cookies and a stuffed stocking for Christmas. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and best wishes for a very happy 2018!

No more J. Paul


I have just read that in spite of the fact the film is finished and was still due to be released on December 22nd, Kevin’s presence is being wiped off of the Getty film as if he never existed and all of his scenes will be re-shot using Christopher Plummer so I have removed all references to the film, including social media and official movie site links from DMS.

Not really news

Has it just been a week?

It’s definitely been a very long week. Everyone already knows what’s in the news. I have nothing more to add to any of that. Kevin has been dropped by his agency and his very long time publicist as well as Netflix. The Kevin Spacey Foundation social media accounts and web site had been taken down but the web site was put back up the same night. It is just a guess but I am thinking it may be because that site doesn’t allow comments. Kevin seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth but is reported to be seeking treatment for undisclosed reasons.

I don’t know where we go from here but the holidays are quickly approaching, in the US at any rate with Thanksgiving just over a few weeks away, so I hope we will be able to switch our minds over to that for a while. Hopefully the jangling of sleigh bells will replace the jangling of our nerves. You probably thought I was going to use the word turkey in there, didn’t you? Uh huh, you did.

I still mean what I said in the previous news post. I love to hear from people about anything they may have to say, both good and bad, but not if it’s just to be mean-spirited, contains obnoxious name calling or idiotic death to Kevin Spacey comments. I realize most of those comments are from web trolls and usually give me laugh which was not the intended purpose, but right now I just can’t deal with that kind of thing.

Also, thank you for the condolences on the death of my father.


Kevin in the news


My father died 2 weeks ago after a 5 year battle with cancer and while the past 10 months had been extremely difficult for my entire family due to the 24/7 care my father had been requiring, the last week before he finally succumbed were particularly hard and painful for us which is why I’m asking that anyone who feels compelled to send me hate mail after seeing the news this evening or reading Kevin’s statement on Twitter in response to that news, to please not do that.