The Driving Mr. Spacey! Polls … Where Kevin is always the winner!

OVM1These are the (very) old polls that were on the site a long time ago to the enjoyment of many. I’ll slowly add the results back onto the site. On the poll results pages, numbers means multiple choice answers and how many people chose them and no numbers were fill in the blank with your own answer. As you will notice by some of the references to various things these are very, very old polls.

Spacey Poll #1 – Kevin’s adorable nervous habits
Spacey Poll #3 – Kevin sees a little dead mouse
Spacey Poll #4 – What was he thinking?
Spacey Poll #5 – After Christmas gift return poll.
Spacey poll #6 – Frozen Spacey
Spacey Poll #7 – Kevin in old TV shows
Spacey Poll #8 – Kevin’s hair! How do we like it?
Spacey Poll #9 – What is Kevin giving to his valentines this year?
Spacey Poll #10 – And the winner is …
Spacey Poll #11 – Next up ..
Spacey Poll #12 – Best Kevin Award 2001. Vote for Kevin!
Spacey Poll #13 – Kevin’s Halifax hotel.
Spacey Poll #14 – Inside Kevin Spacey
Spacey Poll #15 – Lost Spacey
Spacey Poll #16 – Kevin’s Crystal Ball
Spacey Poll #17 – The Weakest Link
Spacey Poll #18 – Mother’s Day
Spacey Poll #19 – A Hickey for Hickey
Spacey Poll #20 – Kevin Gardens
Spacey Poll #21 – Kevin in wax.
Kevin’s fans – Who we are.