Ordinary Decent Criminal



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This movie was filmed in Ireland in the months between Kevin’s London performance in The Iceman Cometh and his filming of American Beauty.

Kevin portrays Michael Lynch, an Irish gangster who’s dimples are so adorable, people ignore the fact that he’s sleeping with 2 sisters, is prone to violence, and a gangster.
What *other* kind of gangster would Kevin portray?

This statement was one of the first things I read about Kevin and ODC. I think it was in Entertainment Weekly in 1998:

Gangster Chronicles KEVIN SPACEY  has just begun shooting Ordinary Decent Criminal, a fictionalized biopic based on legendary Irish criminal MARTIN CAHILL, for MEL GIBSON’s Icon Productions and Miramax. But with Sony Pictures Classics’ The General, also based on Cahill’s life, due Dec.18, is there room for another film about a guy who was obsessed with pigeons and motorcycles, nailed a man to a pool table, and carried on with both his wife and her sister? “It’s a marvelous extraordinary story so I can understand other people being interested,” says JOHN BOORMAN, who won Best Director for The General at Cannes. “But clearly it’s going to be the same story. I’m sure it will put Mr. Spacey on his mettle.” – Jessica Shaw