Poll #1: Which Spacey nervous habits do you notice the most?

VOGUE06-oneLicking his lips. 387
Scratching his hand. 337
Fidgeting in his seat. 441
Patting his hair. 239
Rubbing the front of his leg. 384
Straightening the crease in his slacks. 249
Adjusting his tie. 331
Talking with his hands. 701
Clasping his hands. 306
Saying … “Well …” 281
Saying ….”Um …” 251
Saying … “Uh …” 175
Saying … “Well ..um .. uh ..” 308
Crossing, then uncrossing his legs. 370
I never noticed those things. 132
I have never seen Kevin on television. 54!
I haven’t seen him interviewed enough to detect a pattern. 175!
I always notice something else. 134

Write in answers:

smoking, we worked together here in Jax, Florida filming ‘Recount’
His good looks
shaking/tapping/wiggling his feet/foot
His laughter
scratching his hand
rubbing his chin
scratching his ear (2  said that)
serious smile
Sarcastic Way About Things… so fine!
Bottoning and unbottoning his suite jacket
looking down
i love him
Rolling his eyes while biting his upper lip.
Tugging at his ear.
tapping the tips of his fingers together
His sultry voice and smiling eyes!
saying “you know”
nervous laugh!
the way one eyebrow goes up when someone asks him something incredibly stupid.   covering a part of his face with his hand, or cupping his chin with his hand
Tilting his head to the side and raising his eyebrows.
tapping his finger tips together
The awkward look on his face while looking into the audience
sexy smile
Biting his lip and blinking his eyes
tugging on or sticking his finger in his ear
his hot face
that man is God himself
Flaring his nostrils
i love you  kevin spacey
hands in his pockets
Looking into the audience with this awkward/funny look
His cute little smile when he’s thinking of something or is asked an embarrasing question.
So cute!
So sexy…….
looking all over the place or looking like a deer in the head lights
I think that he is very sexy
Rubbing his nose
His hint of a smile
Biting his nails
how fasinating he is as a human being
a certain kind of grin, beam smile all over his face
Playing with his ear while saying “Well…um…uh…”.
The way he smiles and looks off to the audience when asked a question he may find uncomfortable.
The stare when a dumb question is asked of him.
Biting his finger nails
He scratches his ear a lot.
I like it when he rests his chin on his hand and rubs his chin and his lower lip.
Hes cute smile, the way it seems mysterious and that he is holding something back  Looking all around a room on a talk show
looking shyly down
Wobbling his head laterally side to side
tilts his head
his smile, his voice
when he nervously looks into the camera
in movies he always shakes his head back and forth
Nervous laughter!
hes just too sexy for words
Moving his shoulders
touching his ear and pulling up his socks
his bobbing head, or his little grin he gets after swearing
ihanat ruskeat silmät…oooh..
sexy grin mysterious
Rubbing his fingers and knuckles together over and over and over
half-smile/funny frowning
casts his eyes down whenever complimented!
Kevin’s a Virgo with Virgo quirky habits
Head tilt!
He looks over his shoulder, ala Johnny Carson.
He also puts his fingers in his ears. Watch Actor’s Studio!! He does it constantly!
He shifts his feet when being interviewed.
The way he wiggles his head a little bit when he’s making a point.
Giving his pants a quick tug upward, just along the beltline.
Rubs his lower lip.
Head Tilt!
Tugging his ear.
Putting stress on all his vowels.
Ear tugging and shifty eyes.
Tilting head.
That little cough he does when he’s telling a joke or setting up a punchline.
tilting his head
clears his throat
head tilt
tugging on his ear
looking down, then up at a person
puts his hand over his mouth and looks away when he’s unsure of himself
cocking his head to the side
always adjusting his suit jacket
He bites his upper lip slightly
Nervous habits?!?  The man is a god!
Unbuttoning and buttoning his coat!
he is so sexy!!!
I love when he curses.
him saying the f word and watching him speak in monotone and his all around boyish charm.
playing with his ear
Rubbing his lower lip or tugging at his ear.
his smirkey smile
head tilt and smirk
He is always shaking his head very slightly, while talking (I can’t describe it that good, ’cause my English is not best, but I’m absolutely sure you know, what I mean..
oh, you know
tipping his head to the side
sniffing (post-nasal drip) He wiggles when he’s standing and smirks.
I always notice that he likes to entertain the audience.
The cute, innocent look of surprise and pleasure on his face when the audience starts screaming excitedly!
he hot
tilting his head to one side
Am I the only one who feels that he’s been possessed by Johnny Carson?
Where is the charming, shy guy I used to see on T.V.?
Touching his fingertips together when he talks.
Rubbing his hand. ah!
too busy looking into his eyes!
rubbing his hand on his chest and stomach under his jacket.
moving furniture around-is it true?
Tilting his head
biting the lower lip (ala Johnny Carson) He always looks hot!!!!!!! I wonder if that’s a habit!!!!!!!!! – Victoria Price
A look with his eyes that takes the emphasis off the question.
Closing his lips tighter than normal *squinting*
yeah the head tilt – cute!
Tilting his head
how he talks with his eyes
touching his eyebrows
that cute little giggle when he makes himself laugh  and that sexy smile! I LOVE HIM.. Seeing him is the Highlight of my day!!! He looks away from the camera.
When he is being interview he is very quiet and he doesn’t look at the camera alot. but behind the scenes when he with the cast and crew he is not nervous but he’s usually laughing
He talks so quietly and looks away from the camera.
head tilt and when he adjusts his pants at the waist
Scratching his cheek with one finger his nervous smile- gorgeous!
looking up to the right or left before speaking
Do not be funny! Every has some not controlled behaviour. I oneself am nervous, but very is of use me oneself this in sport( kick boxing)!!!
His superb decorum. Short, jerky movements of head, also head tilt with a pause.
Buttoning and unbuttoning his jacket.
Tugging on the waistband of his pants.
His eyes always wander off to the distance. Who knows what he see! Or maybe he’s just shy.
his gorgeous smile ! he is gorgeous
rubbing behind his ear
The cute way he raises his eyebrows when thinking about his answer.
buttoning and unbuttoning and buttoning his jacket
using his left hand to eat even though he’s right handed
slight jerking of his head
scratching his eyebrow
Squirming in his seat like he has to pee pee
Rubbing his ear
He is handsome alright
Him tugging on his ear. the subtle tilt of his head I always notice that once he and the interviewer start joking around, he’s smiling so much that he can hardly keep from laughing again. Which I think is cute.
When He Tilts He Head In That Sexy Way. That Way he Smile And Cant Stop. Step Aside Ladies He’s All Mine!
his smile and eyes
head shaking when making a point
r-r-r-r-r-rolling his baby browns..
resting chin in his hand
That he is seems confident, and likes being “on” (he IS a Leo..) and that he is cute!
Biting his top lip when he’s nervous
everything Kevin does is esquisite!
All of the above
pulling his ear
He scratches his cute little nose!
inappropriate scratching
raises his eyebrows his facial expressions
The cute, puzzled little way he smirks and looks around to see what part of the audience all the screaming is coming from!
His devilish smirk while he is being asked a stupid question.
Scratching his nose how cute he is
Scratching his ear.
The little eyebrow rubs in The Actors Studio
Touching his face and eyebrows.
He’s constantly putting his hand in his jacket as if he’s checking for his gun. Or his wallet! runs his finger across his eyebrows or some other part of his face
Biting his lip
Swaying from side to side when he’s nervous or excited.
The head tilt
He seems to hesitate before he first sits down
touching his ears
bobbing his head a little
raising one eyebrow when he’s acting mischeivous or flirty with a lady interviewer
he looks knowingly and says “hm-hm” instead of answering
cocking his head to one side or leaning in a doorway with his hands in his pockets brushing his hands over his brow
He also rubs his adorable little chin!!!
The infamous ‘head tilt’
The mean grin
using the pronoun her incorrectly
Fluttering his eyelashes
Doesn’t EVERYONE do these things?
pursing lips
Covering his mouth whenever he smiles
pursing his lips
His eyes rolling up to one side, then back down…
his head tilting ever so slightly to one side as his eyes glance back & forth from left to right he turns his sweet little head kinda sideways, or at an angle
Buttoning and unbuttoning his jacket.
That cute little giggle when he makes a joke.
eyes scanning the room
repeatedly clearing his throat
the head tilt
rubbing his nose
I like how sometimes he laughs and he can’t stop smiling. Then other times he’s so darn serious.
I didn’t know he was the nervous type!
fingers on ear
head tilt
scratching his ear
moving his head when he tilts his head, adorable
remuer légérement la tête
penchement de sa tête pour dire de l’ironie
vertical headshaking?
the look
he’s hot
he’s dreamy!!!
The way his eyes scan the room, to see who’s watching him. Paranoia?
crossing his hands
the way he watch