Poll #10: And the winner is …  Kevin’s best movie co-stars are:

LAC1Jack Vincennes’ hairpiece in L.A. Confidential  27
Jack Vincennes’ “ring-a-ding” in L.A. Confidential  28
The cigarette lighter in The Usual Suspects  91
Lester’s shower steam in American Beauty  84
Lester’s “bigger lamp” from American Beauty  24
The yak wig from Hurlyburly  11
Eugene Simonet’s white shoes in Pay It  Forward  34
Larry’s chewing gum in The Big Kahuna  51
Chris Sabian’s ski clothes in The Negotiator  63
MGGE1The briefcase in Henry&June  10
Dwayne’s Ring Dings and Orange Milanos in Rocket Gibraltar  12
The champagne bottle in Working Girl 2 1
Jim Williams’ tuxedo and gold vest in MGGE  56

Write in votes:

The two Mr.Smiley-paperbags Lester gives to his wife and her lover in American Beauty. Hopper’s bad eye in A Bug’s Life
His kindness in “Iron Will” to his fellow actors and actresses.
definately MONTY and the CHEST RUG!! phwoar.
buddy ackerman’s cellphone/merc/coffee mug/hair restorer/tacky toys
Buddy’s wind-up toys (and Guy’s envelope)
Mel Proffit’s toes. 😀
Lester’s weed.
Mickey’s pool.
Casey’s torn suit.
Jim William’s cigar.
Jack Vincennes’ signet ring
Buddy Ackerman’s paper clips.
eugene’s baggy boxer shorts and scrunched up shirt (mmmmmmm starchy)
verbal kints paisley shirt
jim williams gumbo bowl
lester burnhams wacky bacy
eugene simonets BLUE BOXER SHORTS!!!
anyone mention eugene’s boxer shorts yet?? he’s just hot!!
John Williamson’s vest in GGR
Buddy Ackerman’s wind-up toys
the stubbs newmarket heath….overpaint. ..
casey’s snickers bar
Jim Williams’ cheroots
Lester’s weight bench
I don’t think anyone’s mentioned the “Blue Boxer Shorts” (Just helpin’ ya out, kid. You know who you are  ;o) )
Buddy Ackerman’s wind up toys
His unbuttoned vest in Glen Garry Glen Ross
the sterile suits in outbreak
Lester Burnham’s shower stall – with him in it .. natch!
Guys, it’s all about the equal and you know it…..or perhaps some produce from everyone’s new favourite film….
His left and right butt cheek in “American Beauty”
the wonderful use of F**K in all of his movies
Banana – KPAX!!
the beer bottle in the sofa scene in American Beauty
Rufus Buckley’s southern accent in A Time to Kill
Prot’s banana in K-Pax
I think all of them!!!!!
His vest in Glen Garry Glen Ross
Mel Proffitt’s toes
Kevin’s misconstrued .. ahem .. in “American Beauty”
kevin’s hair or lack of it in SWS
The champagne bottle in Working Girl.
Lester’s marijuana in AB
Prot’s sunglasses in K-PAX
prot’s pencil in K-PAX
When he asked the kid in  AmBeauty if she liked muscles
prot’s pencil
prot’s notebook
Buddy Ackerman’s wind-up toys in Swimming with Sharks
snowball in Shipping News (re: also complained about them in Hurly Burly)
The pin-board in The Usual Suspects ooo.
Did I mention the BLUE BOXER SHORTS.. **ouch**
Lester’s remote control device for his r/c Jeep
It’s been a while since anyone’s mentioned those Blue Boxer Shorts… thought it was time for this little reminder  ;o)
The “Extra Large Box”, then.    :o)
gotta be them boxer shorts!!! (ooooor the chest rug…..)nope the boxers. the BLUE boxers.
His pelvic thrust. Co-star of several movies.
prots polka dpt boxer shorts (and so the saga continues)
and lets not forget those plain blue boxers…..
cigarettes from The Usual Suspects
Paper clips
The little “hauling Ashes” dance in TBK. 😉
Jim Williams mustache and black contact lenses in MGGE
The black contact lens in MGGE
Lester’s weightlifting equipment, for sure.
The masks in ODC.
Boxer shorts being lowered in ODC
His beautiful blue sweater in Negociator.  The color really favored him!
Lester’s Bigger Lamp from American Beauty
the Kobayashi mug in TUS
Buddy’s wind up toys from Swimming with Sharks
The Weights in American Beauty
the weed in American beauty
prot’s banana
Kevin’s stubbly chin in K-PAX
prot’s banana
Kirgo’s car in See No Evil, Hear No Evil
The banana in K-PAX!
His glasses and St. Lucea wreath in The Ref
John Doe’s shaved head in Se7en
Lester’s sweat-soaked shirt
His cute Santa hat in Consenting Adults
Jim Williams’s ever-so-coy “mm-hmm”s
he doesn’t need help
Lester’s shower Steam
All those flashing cameras taking pics of Jack Vincennes (well, who wouldn’t be???)
Jim Williams walk
Cig lighter in LA Confidential
The bulletin board in TUS
his voice
Dame Judi Dench
his scientist glasses in Outbreak
Williamson’s coffee cup & glasses in GGR
Prot’s pencil in K-PAX
John Doe’s bandaged fingers
Judi Dench
prot’s Bluebird of happiness
prot’s sunglasses
Eugene Simonet watch
Prot’s sunglasses!
Orange jail uniform from Se7en
the wool hat in ‘The shipping news”