Poll #14: Inside Kevin Spacey

Kevin_TVWe’ve seen the TV appearances. We’ve read the interviews.We’ve studied his movements, his hair, his movies, his voice. He seems hostile towards the idea of us looking in his wallet so we don’t really know him, but based on what we’ve seen so far, what do you think he’s really like when it comes to one of the most important aspects of daily life in a modern world .. television? 

He likes to watch the TV shows about live surgery. 33
He prefers the documentaries about serial killers. 41
He only watches the news. 75
He never misses a Brady Bunch or Gilligan’s Island rerun. 23
He can’t get enough of American Beauty on HBO. 22
He wishes A&E’s Biography producers would call him. (**They did!) 42
His favorite Behind The Music episode is about Donny & Marie. 14
He wants to be on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? but Regis is mad at him for running him down with the Zappy. 43
He only watches network TV since he’s too cheap for cable. 13
He thinks he makes enough money now that he can pay for cable instead of running the line from his mom’s apartment downstairs. 33
Kevin’s favorite surgery episode was the vasectomy, followed closely by the C-section birth. 10
Those childbirth shows always make him feel sick. 43
He never misses a wedding show. 14
Those wedding shows make him quake with fear. 46
His favorite cable channel is the Game Show Network. Hates missing Tattletales because of his world travels. 24
That clock flashing the wrong time on his VCR is driving him insane! 100
Thinks he could win a Celebrity Deathmatch against Haley Joel Osment. 70
Wonders why they never ask him to co-host Live! With Regis and Kelly. 35
Wishes someone would suggest Henry & June for the movie chat. 13
Wishes Mini and Legacy would let HIM hold the remote for once. 105

And let’s not forget …

He only watches cNBC, cause he’s mesmerized by the scrolling ticker. “Oh Mini, Look!! There it goes again!”

He takes great pleasure in calling everyone he knows on his ‘conference’ phone system and shouting WASSSSEERRRRRRRR every time a bud advert is played.

He KNOWS he would whup ed norton’s ass on celebrity who wants to be a millionaire!

Wishes someone would offer him a cookery show slot, just so he can PROVE you can burn water!

Wishes he knew how to programme his VCR to tape anything other than ‘the home shopping network ‘puppies on plates’ slot.

Watches the Simpsons on mute with subtitles so he can do all the voices.

He never misses the Murder She Wrote marathons on A & E.

He wonders where you can buy a shoe phone like Maxwell Smart’s.

He only watches science programs. That’s how he knows that “if you put ice in the sun” it melts. Unfortunately, he missed the episode about ebullition (thus, he still believes that water burns). Oh well, one outta two ain’t bad. ;o)

Watches his favorite old movies when he gets a chance–i.e., Shane, Night of the Iguana, Bringing up Baby, and all film noir 50s movies.

Watches Emeril Live on The cooking network and screams “BAAAAAAAAAAM!!” right along with Emeril. :o)

He loves to watch ‘Two Fat Ladies” on the cooking network.

Kevin hopes he’ll be able to figure out ‘who done it’ on Columbo just once!

Doesn’t watch tv. He would rather go out and dance to some disco music on a crowded dance floor. :op

He will only watch ‘Wiseguy’ episodes on Court TV. :op

He wonders if there was something going on between Perry Mason and Della Street.

Kevin is keeping his fingers crossed that he’ll be asked to be Uncle Joe if the Petticoat Junction reunion special goes through.

He lives for those Rogaine-commercials. ;o) [PS – Who’s been copying my smilies?!]

He can’t watch the West Wing. He’s still pissed off that he isn’t in it.

He watches “Emergency Vets” with both Mini and Legacy – he warns them of the dangers of life out in the “real world.”

He’s too frightened to watch ‘the weakest link’. Anne Robinson terrifies him (being as she is more diabolically evil than John Doe and Keyser Soze rolled into one and covered in tabasco)

Watches Martha Stewart religiously – he’s trying desperately to get that pine cone basket right!

Gets upset while watching ‘Friends.’  He’s confused and frustrated over why Rachel is still in denial over the REAL meaning of what a “break” is.

Sits on the edge of his seat while watching the intense competition on ‘Iron Chef.’  Who will win?  Who will reign supreme?

Reality-based tv shows. For research…um…er…yeah, research.

He doesn’t own a tv- he’s too busy running around making movies and seeing Greenland.

He watches the Cartoon Network because he thinks the powerpuff girls RULE!!! [p.s. I didn’t know you owned the right to the smiles?!]  >:op

He’s angry that MTV took FANatic off the air before someone could pick him or he could pick Jack Lemmon (or Al Pacino).

The Spaceman never watches The Weakest Link. The host makes him cry.

He loves watching Entertainment Tonight and the National Enquirer program.

Kevin is always excited to find one of his old movies on late night cable TV. Kevin Spacey is his favorite actor. 🙂

Kevin used to love Antiques Roadshow but then he found out his old LAC toupee was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and he had sold it on eBay for $18.

Misses telling jokes at the Canoga Bowl…

Wish Law and Order would invite him to play a perp.

Wild, Wild West re-runs!

Hmmm, how about sports, sports, sports?

Great news for Kevin! His favorites, the Brady Bunch, are going to be on The Weakest Link!

Wonders if the Crocodile Hunter will get eaten soon.

Loves to watch himself singing on Come Together, the John Lennon special.

With his often referred to “encyclopedic knowledge” of films it has to be movie channels!

cleaning out the fridge….I spelled that wrong, I know I did…

He was hoping to be asked to sing at the Superbowl half-time show.

I think Kevin would watch Who’s Line is it Anyway (the original one not the lame one with drew carry), and I think he would watch Kids in the Hall, he strikes me as someone who would have a sick sense of humor.

He should be on T.V about a contest to meet him!!!!!!!!

He loves westerns and historical documentaries, otherwise he is not really interested. (A la Negotiator)

Wishing he could emcee WWF at least once or twice.

He NEVER misses the Osbournes on MTV. Every BLEEP fills him with waves of nostalgia. He feels the urge to call his mother and reminisce about his childhood.


Classical movies starring Bogie.

Addicted to the soap opera “Passions”!!

He never misses American Idol… how could they veto his rendition of “Mentos: Fresh and Full of Life?” Damn that Simon!!

He doesn’t miss CSI!

That he wishes the FBI would send over a redhead his age (me) to watch over him & protect him.

The Pet Psychic! Mini and Legs haven’t been the same since the AB shower scene (daddy no!)

He’s wondering how he’s going to get to sleep now that Law & Order is on TNT instead of A&E.

He doesn’t watch TV it would ruin his delicate mind.

He doesn’t have time to watch television since he started triggerstreet.com, but always tapes his appearances for later viewing.

Watches so many M.A.S.H. re-runs he’s positive he’d be able to do an emergency tracheotemy with a pen a la Father Mulcahy.

I’m not gonna make a judgement!

He loves to watch Iron Chef on mute so he can redo the dialogue of all the judges “Oh, um… this is just SO TASTY”

He loves to sing and does it all the time as much as he can..


I bet he is a sweet, quiet person, unless he’s in public, then I think he feels like he has to put on a show.

I hope he loves Frasier.

if he love to cook and what

I think he also likes soap operas, especially Young and the Restless.

I think his life is too full to even think about watching t.v. and when he has some time to himself he reads or re-arranges his furniture.

He freaks out and starts screaming whenever they cut one of his scenes in a movie on T.V. (They always cut my favorite part in Outbreak! Everytime! Why………?)
Then he goes down to the T.V. studios and gives them a piece of of his mind! Go Kevin!

cartoon network

he’s shocked by the girls gone wild commercials

Kevin likes Seinfeld….he’s a New Yorker after all

Prefers to read and not watch t.v., except occasionally.

I’ll bet he listens to alot of music shows and we all know he can sing *sigh* VERY NICE


He used to watch Trading Spaces but he has a recurring nightmare that Hildi will spackle him and glue hay to his Oscars.

Kevin could kick himself for not taping the Green Acres marathon.

He can’t stand being around people who he doesn’t think are intelligent.

He never watches Showbiz Moms and Dads because the children scare him more than the parents do.

meet the press

He likes to critique his impersonations when he watches himself on Jay Leno or David Letterman.