Poll#15: Lost Spacey

Kevin goes to a book store in Halifax to pick up the latest copies of People, Soap Opera LostSpaceyDigest and TV Guide. On the way back to the hotel he becomes lost. He can’t seem to remember what hotel he’s staying at and the local people are no help. The concierge at his rumored hotel won’t tell him if he’s staying there and the local shop keepers and their employees have been instructed to tell people he doesn’t shop there, so of course they keep telling him they don’t know him. What does he do NOW?

Sit in his car and cry? 22
Call his mother? 33
Call 911? 6
Write his agency a letter and wait for a response? 5
Like the manly man he is, he waits until dark and uses the stars as his guide back to the hotel. 44
Asks the paparazzi hiding in the bushes. 59
Tells Mini to go home and follows her. 58
World traveler Kevin Spacey does not get lost! 125
He tells everyone else to solve this problem! He can’t be bothered with trivial things. 10
He suddenly remembers he took the pen from the hotel room and finds the name there. 106
Kevin decides to let fans hiding in the hotel hallways buy his magazines from now on. 34

What else can a poor lost tourist do?:

Now that he’s safely back at the hotel, he wishes he could remember where he left the magazines he bought.

Kevin quickly decides to follow his tracks back to where he came from.

Says, “F*** it!” and decides to drive around until he sees a local bar to drown his sorrows at. :op

Just ask me, I’m staying with him anyway. sheesch

A real man never asks for directions. He waits for his mom to find him.

Come straight to my apartment!

Goes to a Net-Café, accesses any of several Spacey (no pun intended) online communities and asks his fans to tell him where he’s staying.

He follows the trail of bread crumbs he left on the way out.

He calls up his ole buddy Bill Clinton. And, using Bill’s FBI contacts (natch) gets them to find out where he’s staying.

He gets completely totally drunk. and allows his homing instinct to kick in. Too bad he ended up at chuck e cheese in Idaho.

Find the nearest pub, drink till he passes out, then let the cops deal with him.

He’d call me on his cell phone and ask if he can crash at my place for the night. Of, course, he’d then have to find the airport.

He asks the local media who have been stalking him to lead him back to his hotel.

Realize he is in Canada and ask the polite Canadians where to go.

CAN’T be talking about THEE Kevin Spacey–he’d never buy Soap Opera Digest!!!!!   –Kevin’s Kraver.

Says “F*** IT!!” Sends up a ton of flares into the sky, and waits for Batman to rescue him. :oP==

He must be lost. He’s supposed to be in Newfoundland.

He pulls out his 8 inch Oscar and says to some passing female ‘honey, I need you to take me to the hotel. Now.’

When he flies back to Halifax soon, he’ll have the pilot drop him off over his hotel.

He goes to ask Christine Lahti who is filming The Pilot’s Wife at the Public Gardens, but she doesn’t know, so then he goes to ask Dean Cain who is filming Phase IV at Dalhousie University but that’s no help, so he goes down to the waterfront to see Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson filming K19:The Widowmaker.

Uses a credit card to get another hotel room, duh!!

Calls someone on his staff to come get him and lead him back to the hotel. Kevin has bad travel skills for a spaceman.

He follows a trail of dirty dishes back to the hotel’s kitchen.

Go to the nearest Internet shop, sign on to the Automat and ask everyone for directions!

ask me

Find the Sally Anne

Make like Keiser Soze or Buddy Ackerman and threaten/intimidate anyone nearby. Sooner or later someone will talk!

This is what happens when you eat yort blossoms out of season.

Kevin must be confused. He’s mistaking that Texas drawl for a Canadian accent. Kevin, you’re in Texas now!

The Kevster heads for MY house.

Use a mirror and a flash light like his alter-ego Prot in K-Pax!!!

Head to my place! well he can look me up and we can go get stoned and all plastered up!! thats what we do in Nova Scotia…get drunk and eat Kraft dinner..we’re not as bad as those Newfies…no one is!! HAHA gotta love the Newfies…And plus it’s impossible to get lost in Halifax..its so small and there are bars everywhere, where if you did get lost, you could go.Halifax rocks and everyone needs to know that.Newfies are great..they’re always good for a laugh..Oh and its not cold up here…we just like to see yank’s talk about it so we tell him there likes 4 seasons up here and in like one day you can go throught them all…you don’t notice it if your used to it…we love our beer and we love to see folks from out of town…if you want to have the time of your life come up here!!!!!!! oh yeah…..kevin spacey is like gods gift to woman…oh so hot…want to touch the hinny!! (ooo -kay)

Use either his Cell phone or a pay phone and call his agent or someone who knows where he is staying! Buy the next hotel he sees and move in.

The Spaceman starts undressing on a downtown street and is quickly escorted back to his hotel.

Catches a beam of light back to the hotel. Keep him company!!!! What an honor!

call me He decides to call (me) a redhead his age from the FBI to watch over him & protect him. he’s kevin spacey he doesnt forgot important things because he is the most intelligent man on the face of the earth.

He could knock himself and when the people find they’ll take him to a hospital and when he wakes up they’ll think he’s to Spacey to drive so they’ll bring him to the hotel. I know this seems stupid to do but last time he got knocked out he got his famous name.

Come to my house, I’d me more than willing to let him stay with me 😀

He just “sits” there waiting with me til we’re discovered 2 weeks later by the search team his mom hired. I’m ALWAYS hiding in his backseat, ready for him to get lost. He remembers he took the pen from the hotel room and finds the name there and then goes about tatooing every bit of info he can find about himself onto his bodyparts(as in the film Memento)so he retrace his entire life!!

logon to DrivingMrSpacey.com and finds the hotel listed in a recent article…

Sit down and cry.

Call Julianne Moore, “HELP!”  or he can jump in water and pretend he’s drowning. Either that guy who played Jack Buggit or the girl who played Bunny will sense him like in the Shipping News and rescue him! If that doesn’t work he’ll probably get very sick (Kevin said the water was cold) and go to Heaven. All his trohbles are over. But not his movie. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

You could really just put up that lost Spacey sign. Kevin will see them and be so happy that we care. When someone finds him they’ll bring him back. Better have the money. Heehee

stumble into my arms!!

he’s always welcome by me

see me