Poll#16:  Kevin’s Crystal Ball

Kevin has been in some great movies and some not so great movies, but he’s managed to create a few roles that are all his. What other roles can you see him doing? Past or present, your choice.

Dr. Drew in Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte
The murderous uncle in Shadow of a Doubt.
Tom Hanks role in Sleepless In Seattle
Obviously, Lemmon’s role in The Apartment.
Oscar and/or Felix.
Well, just about any Jack Lemmon role, really…
Rear Window.
The Big Chill (either William Hurt or Kevin Kline).
Would have *loved* to see him in the Dustin Hoffman role in Kramer vs Kramer.
Scent of a Woman… (if he was a wee bit older)
Singing in The Rain (yes, I’m a dork)
Rick, in Casablanca (yes, I’m a geek, too)
Colonel Fitts in American Beauty
Kevin needs to be the romantic lead in another film WITHOUT ugly scar makeup!
He would have good in Bruce Willis’ role in the series “Moonlighting”, don’t you think?
A pimp.
The psychiatrist in Ordinary People.
Marshall Will Kane in High Noon
I think he’d make a great 007, or Batman.  I also have this great vision of him as some kind of sleep therapist or dream interpreter.
He’d be cool as a chef, as well.  Or…um…the manager of a rock band.
a biopic of Johnny Carson
Now let me think. erm. lone star in Spaceballs. perfect.
okay. this has nothing to do with kevin in movies, but that crystal ball picture is giving me the fear. Did a ferret die on his head???It is *not* a dead ferret! It’s his experimental domestic water buffalo hair rejuvenation injections. His people have been mum on the matter, have you noticed? It’s all been very hush hush.
Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Vacation movies.
Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon’s Vacation movies.
a more mature Jack in Titanic. Wanna  draw me Kevin, er Jack? he he
Mr. Hobbs in Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation
Elwood P. Dowd in Harvey!
Hannibal Lector
Corny Collins in Hairspray
Charles Foster Kane
Oscar Madison
Felix Unger
Danny Roman
Rick in Casablanca
any Cary Grant role
Jimmy Stewart’s role in Anatomy of a Murder
I definately want to see the “Bobby Darin” project happen, since the Spaceman can actually sing and with not much of a physical transformation, could pull it off.  Besides, it would be great to see a tribute to Mr. Darin, who was wonderful, who was appreciated by Kevie.
Bobby Darin The Jack Nicholson part in 1969’s “Easy Rider”
I can see him doing Comedy, Drama. short round in indiana Jones
I Never Sang for my Father
I want to see him do Mel Proffit again!
Gone with the Wind
Gladiator (Beside Russ of Course)
American Pie (Need I say More?)
In a romantic comedy where he’s a millionaire, meets a single mom and falls in love with her.  But he can’t really date her b/c her daughter very protective b/c daddy ran out on them.  So he has to convince the daughter that he won’t do that and make sure the woman of his dreams marry him and not the guy her daughter set her up with.
I Never Sang For My Father
Kevin would’ve rocked in “BLOW” (in the lead role, of course!!)
Hank Azaria’s role in “Tuesdays With Morrie” (he’d have been great & it would’ve been nice to see him and Jack Lemmon together again).
moon for the misbegotten
Anything Tom Hanks has done, Kevin could have done BETTER!
The lead role in “The Doctor”
Daryl Van Horne in “Witches of Eastwicke”!!!!!! (Viv)
I Never Sang For My Father With Gene Hackman
Lead role in “Air Force One” Either role in “Zero Effect”
The romantic lead in the screenplay I’m writing.