Poll #17 – The Weakest Spacey Link

Let’s play that international television sensation Kevin’s Weakest Link!

Who among all Spacey men do *you* think *is* theweakestlink?

Lester Burnham 8
Hopper 3
Jim Williams 1
Buddy Ackerman  4
Jack Vincennes 2
Larry from The Big Kahuna 1
Jim Bakker 19
John Doe 2
Eugene Simonet 12
Verbal Kint 2
Michael Lynch 2

Other weak Spacey links:

all i can say is that i’d like to see Buddy Ackerman drop kick Anne Robinson into the Hoover dam.

The guy in SNEHNE. what is the area below his waist?

Lissy, daaahlink, obviously Kirgo.

Kevin’s fans ahahahahahaha

Giles Keenin/LA LAW

The robber in See No Evil. (5)

wassisname – the Henry and June character (2)

Mario from “DAD” was a cutie, but he took too much abuse without even FLINCHING!!!!  Osborne

His character in Henry & June …