Poll #18 – Mother’s Day

It’s no secret that Kevin Spacey is a devoted son who loves his mother. But after 40 – something years, it’s hard to think of a good gift for his mom for Mother’s Day. What would Kevin think was a loving token of his affection? **This poll was obviously done long before his mother passed away.

A lovely card would be nice. 4

So would some flowers. From a florist this time. 7

A phone call is always welcome. Especially when Kevin doesn’t call collect and pays for the call himself. 9

A mother can always feel her child’s hug from a long distance. 5

Kevin’s knows his mom doesn’t need any material gifts. A son’s love is all she wants. 4

A diamond is forever. But a bracelet made from Mini and Legacy’s expired rabies tags is priceless! 8

A personally autographed picture of Kevin Spacey. 4

Maybe this will be the year she finally gets what every mother of a son dreams of.  Her son moving out and getting his own apartment. 10

Kevin wishes his brother and sister would do something for mom for once! 2

And these lovely gifts:

Twelve dozen red roses for the thanks of being a devoted son to such a warm hearted mother throughout these many years.

A ticket to next year’s Oscars – maybe he’ll have a reason to be there.  :o)

He’ll fly her to Canada to see him and he’ll even pay for a first class ticket this time.

some dog-biscuits

Fly her to Canada for dinner.

A nice invitation to our wedding

me!!! The daughter-in-law she always dreamed of!!!

Take her to out to brunch ..

A maid!  What mom wouldn’t love to have someone else pick up after her for once!

Autographed collection of his greatest movies. He gets her “hard to get” tickets to the broadway show “The Producers”

a few tickets to be his date for Oscar 2002!!!