Poll #27: The Envelope Please

Now that the Oscar nominations are in, it’s obvious there have been a few glaring omissions. Namely in the Spacey categories. But all is not lost, Spacey fans. Because we still have the chance to present Kevin with something better than another gold-plated piece of tin on a plastic stand.

I bring to you … the nominations for the 2002 Kevettes.

There’s no secret voting here! Votes are out in the open for *all* to see. Vote early and vote often!

Category #1: Best hair on a spaceman, loaf or manly chest.

Kevin Spacey in K-PAX 3 5
Kevin Spacey in The Shipping News  11
Kevin Spacey unbuttoned on Letterman, Leno and Conan  47
Write-in vote:

He had nice hair on that Independence Day special. ~
too busy looking at his eyes ~
4th of July Special ~
On a manly chest as I lay my head upon it!!! ~
Nice hair at the Golden Globes, and BAFTA’s too! ~
loved his hair at The Lennon Tribute ~
That scruffy look from K-PAX!!! ~
Kevin Spacey, unbuttoned, in my Boudoir ~
Kevin Spacey in The Negotiator
Kev – standing next to me in London
Kevin in AB!
Kevin Spacey in K-PAX
American Beauty
As Chris in The Negotiator just because I knew the hair was there!

Category #2: Best prop on a spaceman, loaf or TV guest star.

Kevin Spacey’s dark glasses in K-PAX  46
Kevin Spacey’s Twinkie in The Shipping  News  18
Kevin Spacey’s drink on The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno  20

Write-in vote:   Cate Blanchette.  🙂 ~
The Declaration of Independence ~
kevin’s ted demme shirt at the golden globes ~
kevin’s suave glasses at the golden globes  ~
The banana in K-PAX ~
Article on Leno about Kevin saving drowning   child–not true!!! ~
Kelly Ripa was by far the best prop. ~
Kev’s socks on Letterman. ~
Quoyle’s ‘newfie’ sweater
the sweater in TSN ~
The banana and it’s short lived screen career from K-PAX ~
He wears this baggy stocking cap in the Shipping News. Why hasn’t anyone named it?  It’s so dorky and cute! ~
Kevin Spacey’s Champagne Flute, in aforementioned Boudoir ~
Chris Sabians ski clothes ~
Kevin Spacey’s joints in American Beauty ~
Kevin Spacey’s dark glasses in K-PAX ~
spacey’s fondling of cup at end of “The Ref”
The rose petals in American Beauty

Category #3: Best performance by a non-pro singer.

Kevin Spacey singing Mind Games  59
Kevin Spacey singing Blackbird  20
Kevin Spacey singing whatever that was he sang in London  15

Category #4: Best line in a Spacey movie 2001-2002.

You’ll have to come up with these since I can’t remember what he said in anything:

“You humans ~ sometimes it’s hard to imagine how you’ve made it this far.” ~
“I will miss Earth ~ it has great potential.”
“I love you.”  (TSN) ~
“Stop, listen and learn…..a meeting they cannot start without you……now there is a meeting worth going to” – Swimming with Sharks ~
“Now, If you’ll excuse me, I have a beam of light to catch.” ~  “Mark…Mark…Mark…MARK.  You’re not REALLY listening to me, are you?” From K-Pax
“Your produce alone has been worth the trip.” — K-PAX ~
“…and the winner is …Moulin Rouge” –golden globes ~
“it’s hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty in the world. sometimes i feel like i’m seeing it all at once, and it’s too much. but then i remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on. then it flows through me like rain, and i can’t feel anything but gratitude for every moment of my stupid little life.” AB ~
“You humans ~ there’s just no sense of humour.” ~
In “K-Pax”, prot observes,  “There are a lot of doctors on your planet.” ~ ”
The produce alone was worth the trip!” -K-Pax ~
The one where he says he thinks he will be missed here on Earth when he leaves from K-PAX ~
“watch for the bluebird.”  K-PAX ~
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a beam of light to catch. ~
“I.B.M…” ~
“Be prepared for anything.” ~
A tie between: “You humans. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how you’ve made it this far.” — K-PAX and “I love you!” — The Shipping News (Quoyle’s after-sex whimper was hilarious.) ~
“no laws…no lawyers” ~
“The produce alone was worth the trip.” in K-PAX. 🙂 ~
“I detect a note of skepticism Dr. Powell”
You…have…no…brain! (Swimming with Sharks, 1994) ~
In K-Pax when he told Jeff Bridges to quote Navaro you need to chill. ~
Don’t worry, I’m not gonna leap out of your chest- K-PAX ~
don’t worry, i’m not going to jump out of your chest. from k-pax. ~
“Red delicious you call this variety ~ it’s my favourite.” ~
“I-B-M”~ Quoyle ~
“Don’t worry. I’m not going to leap out of your chest”~ Prot
“…Rachel.”~ Prot (this one is because that’s MY name and I just melt when I hear Kevin say it 😉
don’t worry, i’m not going to leap out of your chest!……from k-pax. ~
“You know Mark, for an educated man you sure do repeat yourself a lot.”  (kpax) ~
“I don’t want a girlfriend, I want you” – Quoyle to Petal in “The Shipping News”. ~        Your Produce alone was worth the trip.  From K PAX ~
“That’s a lovely configuration you’re wearing…” ~
I second – “…and the winner is …Moulin Rouge!!”  I got it on tape to watch all the time, hehe
I’m not a water person
“to borrow a word from Navaro, you need to chill!”
“For you Brad, I’ve got five.”- American Beauty
We need a bit of madness in this world. Okay he only said that to me ;o)
(tie; both from K-PAX): Good morning, Joyce. That’s a lovely configuration you’re wearing today.  AND: Nobody wants, nobody needs. On K-PAX, when I’m gone, nobody misses me. There would be no reason to. And yet I sense that when I leave here, I will be missed. Yes… I will miss you, Dr. Powell.
Be prepared for anything.  Like Prot In K PAX
“I Rule!!”
“When were you gonna tell me about your f***ed up marriage?”  *Ker-THUNK*   (Shipping News)
The corpse still has the floor
Life is not a movie. Good guys lose, everybody lies, and love… does not conquer all.
“If You’ll Excuse me, I’ve got a beam of light to catch” -k-pax
How dare you throw that back in my face.  How dare you, you little pipsqueak!  There is nothing wrong with admiring the scenery while you’re doing business AS LONG AS YOU’RE DOING BUSINESS!!!!!  And for your information, son, 15 years, not once have I cheated on my wife! -the Big Kahuna
“There’s no way we can live here.” -Shipping News
“Nobody wants, nobody needs. On K-PAX when I’m gone nobody missis me there would be no reason to and yet I sense that when I leave here I will be missed. Strange feeling.”From K-PAX
Is that what you think it is, how could you ever think that. -Pay it Forward
Sorry. Sorry! Shipping News
Now that you found Robert, please take good care of him.
Forgive me-The Big Kahuna
in Pay it Forward when  Harley told him she wasn’t— the skanky guy thing & he said, “oh yeah, that’s what I meant” In that cleaver little sarcasm that belongs only to him.
I cracked up every time he said ‘Wavey’ in TSN because it was a diluted version of the child speech he used in the regression scene in K-Pax. What a goof. But I loved it still.

Category #5: Best guest appearance by someone Spacey, 2001-2002.

Late Night w/David Letterman  38
The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno  24
The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart  12
The View 15
Whatever Conan O’Brien’s show is called  12   

Write-in vote:

Larry King Show Jack Lemmon Tribute ~
Charlie Rose ~
The Elton John fundraiser back in July. ~
In my Dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~
Come Together-John Lennon Tribute ~
In my bedroom amongst the satin sheets!!!     tee heee ~
Whatever Kevin was on. ~
Live w/ Regis & Kelly  ~
All of them, none of which I got to see, because there is an international plot against me which causes EVERYONE I know to see every Kevin appearance and me to see none….
Parky! ~
Parkinson ~
See above Boudoir references… ~
Charlie Rose ~
TSN premiere — I am on my own here, aren’t I? ~
The Parkinson Show ~
In the clip from the thing on Bill Clinton where he was in the mirror pretending to give a speech about winning an Oscar, & Kevin walked in & took his Oscar away from him.
The Parkinson Show