Poll #29: Kevin Spacey Repeats

Sound bites! It’s almost time for the latest press junket to begin. Kevin will be doing many interviews for his next movie. As we all know, every time there’s a new movie, Kevin is either quoted over and over by writers using the same verbal expression over and over, or Kevin repeats the same thing over and over for that year, switching to something new when the next round of interviews starts. What is your favorite Spacey “repeat”? ~ 

Subterranean levels. 6

Sending the elevator back down. 41

“The journey” 27

Peeling the layers of the onion. 23

Being the shepherd (Ok, he only used it that once, but I’m sure he’d use it again given the chance!). 4

Being from the same planet as .. 10

My other favorite repeat (story or expression) is:

I have no favorite repeats.  I wish he would come up with some new ones.  His interviews on The View are usually unique.

I stole a ticket from a little old lady.

I been fortunate that…

I liked all the cute stories about Judi Dench (cheating at ping pong, the black glove, learning to play pool) during the TSN press round, especially when he would speak in her voice:  “Oh, please!”

The elevator (Just because it reminds me of that Aerosmith song……. )

“In this business I feel as if I work with Aliens on a daily basis”

Impressions, wry, sly remarks, grinning.

doing Johnny Carson impressions to get a seat in the audience of Johnny’s show

Acting referred to as “the craft”

Carson Impersonations

“No, I’m not”

This one is new. The pipeline.

The eyebrow thing when Kevin is intent about what he is saying.

how every actor in the US thought they were Keyser soza

Oh… um

rat bastard

I have no opinion either way.

I don’t know

Kevin as Elton John-Someone Saved My Life Tonight