Poll #3: Kevin sees a little mouse in his apartment.
It dies an untimely death in a mousetrap. What does he do now?

#1: Call his mother. 14

#2: Find Haley Joel’s phone number… FAST!  1

#3: Call his older, fatter brother and say he has a special surprise for him! 2

#4: Tell someone on his staff to get rid of it. 4

#5: Move into a hotel for a few weeks and pretend it never happened. 2

#6: Sell his apartment and let the new people get rid of the body. 2

#7: Bravely grits his teeth and puts on rubber gloves and hope it doesn’t touch him while HE gets rid of it. 4

#8: After hurting his thumb trying to set the traps, he doesn’t want anything to do with them *NOW*! 6

#9: Gives it a Viking funeral in the toilet. 11

#10: Closes his eyes and flushes it. 1

#11: Kevin shows no fear of dead mice. He picks it up and throws it away. 30

#12: Something else entirely! 8

Call his agent and say that’s what I’m paying *you* for.

Tells Kobayashi to dispose of the body.

Tilts his head and stares, then pays no mind to it’s existence.

Puts on shoes (in case he drops it on his foot) and rubber gloves (so he doesn’t touch it with his hand), grabs a paper bag (to put the mouse in) and a yardstick (uses to push the trap into the bag), holds the bag away from him and while holding his breath, carries it out to the trash.

Has it stuffed and put on display.

He gives it a proper burial with an eulogy and flowers, even if he’s the only one attending.

covers it in red roses

Gives said mouse a dramatic Eulogy as Chris Walken 🙂

He’d have it sent to Richard Hatch.

he leaves it alone

Eats it.

Put it in a box and send it to Brad Pitt

He could make a -beef -and -cheese (mouse)-pot-pie out of it and sell it to Anette Benning

has it stuffed, mounted, calls it Stuart and sends it to jonathan lipnicki. mwahahaha

smirks, pops it into an envelope and sends it to Ed Norton. (the little prankster)

punches the air in delight…..the little flattened beastie will make an excellent hair weave!

he calls margo and invites her over for hot sex (Not sure how that’s gonna get rid of a dead rodent before his mother comes for a visit, but there ya go!)