Poll #30: Talkin’ Turkey

Kevin is always looking for some place to have Thanksgiving dinner. This year he’s thinking he might do something different and visit with his family. How does he like his turkey dinner?

Only a Butterball will do. 26

Doesn’t eat turkey since his pet turkey “Lucky” disappeared one Thanksgiving when he was a child. 9

Loves the cranberry sauce from the can. 25

Won’t eat cranberries since his sister told him they grow in a swamp. 5

Used to eat yams until he read they were really sweet potatoes. 9

Loves the deviled eggs! 26

Wonders how the turkey farmers get the turkeys to swallow the bag of giblets. 16

Used to like pumpkin pie until his older, fatter brother told him it was made from the guts of his leftover Halloween jack o’ lantern. 13

Can eat the entire bowl of banana pudding by himself. 38

Wonders why everyone says vanilla wafers when they’re really Nilla Wafers. 18

Politely eats whatever is served, as long as it doesn’t touch anything else on the plate. 23

Will eat anything as long as *he* doesn’t have to clean the kitchen afterwards. 36

Only eats foods prepared the way his mom cooked them. 27

He’s cranky this year because no one asked him to sing from on top of a float in the annual Macy’s parade. 21

He cries when he realizes that the stores in London don’t have big sales the day after Thanksgiving. 9

What else?: He eats all his dinner includeing veggies like a good boy ~
falls asleep on the couch after dinner, happy and warm, surrounded by people he loves, letting the tv drone on as the sun fades into the west… ~
He’s in therapy after being told by all his British friends that Thanksgiving isn’t a UK holiday or celebration. ~
He’s been so taken over by that guy Richard II that it’s a Medieval Christmas Banquet this year! Well-roasted Theatre Critics with Sage & Onion Stuffing and Banana Pudding instead of Christmas pudding are additional delicacies of course! He wants to be videoed eating it on the two big video screens used in the play! ~
He likes a slap up meal! Turkey with all the trimmings all stacked up! You need to put some weight on hun.x x x~ very happily dresses up as father christmas, and visits all his female fans in the uk, with a little xmas surprise under his costume.~
Kevin makes the centerpiece himself!!!~
He’s mad because someone peeled all of the roasted onions for him- no more layers left for him to take care of! 🙂 ~
He loves teasing his sister! ~
Must always take antacids to send the elevator back down!!!~
I needed him to help me make pumkin pies for Thanksgiving from my Halloween pumkins. They got all mushy and soft and needed to be scraped out from the inside for the making of pumkins pies. He is to be invited to my relatives for the Thanksgiving Holiday here with his mother so we may all celebrate the holidays together and give thanks for each and everything there is in life to be thankful for. Happy Holidays Kevin.~
Spends all afternoon drinking beer and chowing on all the pickles, olives, crackers and cheese, chips and dips that are out as appetizers, and at dinner time he’s too full to eat.  That’s okay though because Thanksgiving dinner makes for great leftovers and midnight snacks.~
He borrows money from his mother to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  After eating, he takes a very long nap.  When he gets up, everyone laughs at the pillow creases on his face. ~
He always fights his brother for the wishbone. ~
will probably help serve turkey at the soup kitchen later ~
He won’t eat any Thankgiving meat. Only bannas with the skins still on and his girlfriend stuffs twinkies in his mouth ~
Builds Devil’s Monument with his mashed potatoes.~
Eats all of the french fried onions out of the can before his mom can put them on top the green bean casorole. ~
He’s the one shouting the loudest at the TV during all the football games.~
After K-PAX, he just can’t stand to eat meat! But his brother and sister laugh when he devours all the fruit (Especailly the bannas).~
He always eats the bag of marshmallows that his sister bought for the candied yams, leaving them un-candied.~