Spacey Poll #37 – Loaded Kevin Spacey

Now that the Beyond The Sea DVD has been released, what do you wish had been on the DVD as an extra?

BTS.jpgSome concert footage or musical extras.~
interview with Kevin Spacey~
Maybe some footage of Bobby Darin.~
Kevin Spaceys Phone # and address and free tickets to see him if you call~
a slit screen Mr. Spacey and Bobby Darin~
Beyond the Song (PBS documentary about the real Bobby Darin)~
Kevin bloopers!~
more singing~
kevin in the nude~
More deleted scenes ~
Day in the life of Kevin Spacey ~
pictures of the making of the movie and the soundtrack~
live performance of him singing ~
footage of spacey in concert tour. ~
i wish that kevin would come with the dvd as a extra ~
Kevin learning how to play guitar and the drums.~
Kevin, Kevin & MORE Kevin!~
Footage of Kevin recording the songs for the film.~
Beyond the Sea – the lego version ~
live performance/clips of kevin spacey on his 13 city tour last fall~
kevin spaceys phone number and address~
A Gag Reel ~
More audio options. An actual conversation or interview with Sandra Dee, Dodd and Kevin would have been enlightening. Of course, Kevin would of had have done this during the research faze, (before the movie was filmed). ~
Loads of Bobby Darin stuff (cause Bobby is sexy as hell) then outakes of Kevin and Kate’s love scene at the vegas hotel. Deleted scenes, and more Bobby stuff like Bobby singing Splish Splash Naked. Then some behind the scenes footage of Kevin taking a shower. Long, hott steamy….woo getting hott in here isen’t it? Then More Bobby Darin hottness stuff. ~
Film of Kevin in Abbey road recording the music would have been brilliant~
A full video of one of Kevin’s live concerts!~
The fantastic trailer…PLEASE.~
Footage of the musical tour prior to the release of the film.~
deleted scenes ~
Deleted scenes, and footage of musical extras that were promised but not actually on the DVD when it came out~
The special performances by Kevin.~
I was just over at the beyond the sea website, and I saw a still of a Bobby/Sandy love scene that was NOT in the film. What about THAT?!~
How about Kevin’s phone number??~
behind the scenes of him recording the songs in England on Abbey Road~
Bloopers, or something similar. I know there were a few clips in the making of documentary, but I’d love to see (and hear!) Kevin directing the cast and really having fun.~
I think some concert footage would have been SWEET!!~
Kevin naked featurette!~
real footage of Bobby Darin ~
Deleted scenes, “If I were a Carpenter”, Kevin dancing, Kevin reading the phone book, Kevin standing there…  🙂 ~
out-takes, deleted scenes, concert footage..ANYTHING!! ~
concert footage he was great in person ~
A version of the movie without the prosthetic nose!~
some archive stuff of bobby darin … to show everyone just how good
kevin was. ~
The music, possibly with commentary from him.  It’s a beautiful soundtrack.~
More songs, More interviews with Kevin!~
Naked Kevin!!!~
Some videos of Kevin singing some bobby tunes! Also some clips of Bobby singing Bobby!~
Kevin as Bobby singing “My Funny Valentine”, “The Good Life” or “Call Me Irresponsible” Kevin as Bobby doing his comedy routines on stage, more balding and hippie Kevin as he looked HOT in those scenes, Bobby in concert, 6 or 7 more versions of Kevin singing “Some of These Days” as that performance is worth the price of the DVD itself. It would have been nice if they taped an entire Kevin Spacey show for a very special extra (or even some of it, for that matter).~
Concert tour footage!!!!!~
english subtitles. Steve Blauner’s interview. deleted scenes.~
Bobby Darin, Bobby Darin and more Bobby Darin. No more Artificial Flowers “Give her the real thing!” ~
Concert Footage!!!  That’s what we all wanted.~
Shows from his concert tour~
-Kevin’s make up tests. -Perhaps a deleted scene featuring Bobby in a bathtub singing Splish splash. He’d have to be nekkid, of course. Or at least in a bathing suit *big grin* -Kevin in the studio, recording ‘If I were a carpenter’! (I just like hearing him ask “Would you have my baby?”) -Actual footage of Bobby Darin performing. ~
Kevin swimming, preferably without sharks!~
Either cut out musical sequences, the big music numbers, cut out songs, or the concert in total.  But really all three.~
All of the cut footage he had spoken about….~
The authentic Bobby Darin footage listed on the package insert.~
Maybe Kevin speaking to Sandra Dee and Dodd Darin while trying to make the movie. ~
alternative hairpieces? ~
1.Kevin’s “stunt” to get the girls to scream while filming “Splish-Splash”.
2. SOMETHING about the concert tour. 3.deleted scenes that he talks about in the commentary ~
Deleted scenes, duh! ~
Hour long Video Footage of Kevin reading the phonebook to his dog. ~
The NYC Darin concert from December on DVD, and a CD of more unreleased songs. ~
Songs that had not been used in the movie, or some video of his concert
last year ~
Kevin playing the newly aquired skill of the drums ~
Omitted songs, Kevin on the Drums, Interviews with Dodd Darin & Steve Blauner, More outtakes!~
Outtakes, more singing and dancing. Just more Kevin!!!~
top 3 that are missing 1! concert footage 2! Deleted Scenes and 3! Bloopers would be cute ~
What else? Live performances from Kevin’s tour!~
A “Choose Your Own Adventure” love scene between BD and S.~
The drum solo he promised us!!!~
Musical performances by Kevie~
The lot!  Spacey concert footage, musical numbers, gag-reel, MORE behind the scenes stuff, how ’bout a DVD collector’s booklet AT LEAST!~
Need I say it?  “Bonus Kevin Spacey Musical Numbers”!!!!!! ~
deleted musical numbers, music rehearsals, dance rehearsals, concert footage, gag reel, deleted/extended scenes, full-length “making of” documentary ~Deleted scenes from the film, especially any musical numbers. ~
The option to watch just the musical numbers. ~
Maybe some Kevin Spacey concert footage. ~
Spacey songs ~