Poll #39 Hot For Kevin

People who are not Spacey fans often say they don’t understand what is so special about his looks. He has been called plain and homely in articles, nothing special to look at, O.L.D. (who would ever say that?) so ordinary as to be unable to stand out in a crowd of other ordinary people. But Kevin’s fans know the truth. What about Kevin makes you H-O-T?

That receding hairline, the bald spot and the hair poof drive me absolutely wild! 259
Those warm, brown, baggy-lidded eyes. 483
The dimples! Or are they scars? Who cares? I can’t get enough of them. 408
The missing tooth. Most Hollywood types would get a replacement but Kevin’s a real man who doesn’t need to. 81
Two words: Chest Hair 414
Socks with his sandals. He’s confident enough to dress like someone’s grandpa. 93
His bony, squeaking knees. 81
The beautiful, elegant hands with the long fingers and unusual thumbs. 410
The ankle wrinkles make me weep. I thought I was the only one who had them. 80

And then there’s this:

His smile and his laughter, girls ~
the incredible smile ~
everything ~
Kevin’s eyes darken when he is miffed about something that he can’t change. He has a southern smile about him most of the time which doesn’t always line up with his eyes. But, sometimes, and it isn’t often mind you, when those dark blank eyes hid his most intimate secrets and hidden agendas. It isn’t a trait that I share with him. My eyes tell it all. Kevin should try blogging. I am on VOX. I have a Iris’ blog. And, I am saying almost anything which is quite contrary to my normal behaviour. K should try it sometime. Then, we would know the real K…right? ~
FACEAPR96-threeThe way his eyes light up. ~
What makes me hot for Kevin? Everything about him. ~
That voice, turns me to a puddle.  I could listen to him talk and sing all day and night.  Then there is that smile; that smile that could melt the ice caps. ~
Everything about the man makes me HOT!  Anyone who said he’s ordinary just haven’t been looking properly. ~
He is just so HOT!  When I watch him on screen he just turns me on like no other actor. He is smoulderingly sexy, cute, and a hell of an actor, singer and can dance!  What a package… ~
I hope he does not give up acting in movies, we would miss seeing a great actor. Please do not give up acting. I love your movies. ~
The most amazing smile, so devilish and just plain sexy!  He oozes sex appeal in such a manly way and that body!! well need I say more….but could! ~
His damn good personality ~
He’s just totally doable. ~
His voice is a symphony. very articulate, and has a sexy, confident, precise, yet languid and catlike intonation. It’s hard to tell if he’s repulsed by adoration or adores to be adored. ~
Yummy!! Love him, Love him, Love him!!!!! ~
The way he pronounces “T”s and “R”s…they way he rolls his eyes when exasperated. The way he walks. he strides!  When he has his arm around someone he caresses them with his thumb… ~
That voice.  I can close my eyes, listen to that voice and believe that anything is possible.  He is simply the world’s most beautiful man; scars and all. ~
He’s the thinking woman’s sex symbol.  Nobody is as handsome as he is, very unusual looks but they all come together in a wonderful way. ~
Spacey=Hottest ever! ~
Voice, voice, voice…… ~
That man can DANCE…and uh…you know what they say about a man who can dance…think about it! *wink wink* ~
His voice. ~
His talent. ~
The general hotness of all parts together. Arf! ~
Beautiful, twinkling eyes and a smile that lights up his whole face. ~
His “laughing” eyes and oh, so wonderful smile. ~
The baby fine hairs at the small of his back. *I’m not even going to ask.
The missing reply is ALL OF THE ABOVE….. It was really hard to choose only one…..  The man is pure sex on two legs…. ~
his smile,it’s heartwarming!!! when he smiles, his eyes dance,his dimples show up, he looks SPEC..TAC..CULAR… makes me want to put on a cheerleading outfit and cheer.. give me a K… ~
The voice, oh my God, the voice ~
His beautiful face and his smile- his intelligent outlook ~
i have loved him for years he is perfect i love his mouth i can turn off the volume and watch it too. ~
his smile ~
His voice! ~
his freckles!! ~
Kevins charm and charisma makes him irresistably CUTE! ~
What about that smile!!!!!  Makes my heart pound!!! ~
The heart of the man . . . the depth of his soul that can only be imagined when he smiles, laughs and cocks his head to the side. Kevin flashes his heart through his body of work … and if one is not careful they’ll miss his beautiful soul ~
the sound of his voice ~
He is Kevin… ~
Some private joke that twinkles from behind his eyes ~
his kind heart..his beauiful soul.  And all that makes Kevin.. Kevin. ~
That velvety smooth voice..the way he clears his throat, his pretty pink toes, his loving personality, the way he makes me feel like a natural woman…don’t ask! 😛 ~
That secretive, sexy smile that includes the twinkle in his eye. ~
His voice ~
He is elegant and gorgeous looking, simply like that. ~
his voice, its so distinct. ~
His beautiful soul. ~
It’s not so much the outer appearance, it’s his wonderfully witty personality.  He is so appealing because he is so funny.  Ever time I see him interviewed, he cracks me up!  He really is handsome. ~
his voice ~
I also love his voice ~
Everything ~
his tushy! ~
The voice. The attitude.  ~
Gorgeous smile!!! when he smiles i melt like butter on a pancake.  ~
I love the mischief in his eyes that leaps out  like electricity when he smiles.  Swoooooooooooon.  I am so in love.  I want to have his
babies. ~
Smile, and amazing talent!!
His strong back with beautifully sculpted shoulders.. and his cute lil Tush..!! ~
His kind handsome face ~
The voice. ~
hes a real MAN! ~
I like a sense of humor, gotta adore a man who doesn’t take himself so seriously. 🙂 ~
His warm smile (not the smirky one). When he is laughing full of joy and not being so controlled as usual. His great sense of humour. His intelligence. His knowledge, especially film and theatre-wise. ~
His smile and cleft chin ~
that beautiful mouth, I’d love to bite on that bottom lip ~
Just the way he looks anyways is fine. I have seen By The Sea at least 100 times I think. ~
that VOICE!!  And, of course, the dimpled smile ~
his smile 🙂 ~
the way he kisses. I’m fifty and i’ve never been kissed like that. ~
His mysterious, yet very intelligent roles he plays so well in his movies. ~
Hmmmm everything. he is handsome but handsome in a sexy way  ~ HIS GREAT STYLE!!  ~
His wonderful sexy voice x  ~
A few things…. His charming lexicon and fierce rhetoric, his idiosyncratic mannerisms, his coy smile at the perfect moment, dizzying intellect, his shameless candid sexual humor with maintaining a level of chivalry, deep eyes with a subtle glow, his blatant insults, and his comforting face. ~
the everything… it is not possible to choose only one ~
He’s talented beyond all earthly comprehension. ~
that gorgeous smirk ~
His lips…When he smiles, he looks shy and at the same time sexy! ~
id do him ~
His voice, oh my God; that voice ~
Presence and intellegence.  He’s got both, in spades.
I LOVE HIM… and his awesome eyes… 😉 and
hands… and… hot 🙂 ~
He speaks so eloquently and intelligently… that is too attractive for words! ~
His smile! His voice! His smirking smile! How he rolls his eyes and moves one eyebrow! He is a leo and i’m unexplainably attracted to this wrinkly old man, my first oldie! Haha! ~
He’s the most erotic,sexy handsome man I have ever seen in my life! I love his beautiful singing voice! He’s absolutely a GOD! There isn’t anything about him that doesn’t turn me on! ~
his charm ~
Love the cleft in his chin! ~
Ah, everyone knows, “O.L.D.” men are hotter anyway. ~ (So true.)
The way he is. It’s all hot! ~
sexy smooth deep voice ~
the smile and laugh ~
Freaking smile! ~
his body, of course!!!! hes like a greek god! ~
his smile ~
I thought he was HOT VERY HOT with his shirt off in
American Beauty. I think that is when I first found him very attractive. Anyone have any ideas how to get to meet him. ~
The twinkle in his eyes when he laughs or smiles. I  love his
sincerity. ~
Sexy voice, Sense of humor, Nice guy, Looks sexy in suits ~
Every thing ~
sexy smile and head tilt to the side damm  cute ~
His scar ~
His intelligence, sensitivity and talent. ~
There are no words to describe his sexiness! ~
His laughlines make me crazy! ~
his sexy eyes and smile ~
His intelligence and dry sense of humor makes Kevin HOT!!! ~
a voice like melted butter. ~
His eye’s are the window to his soul, and his soul as you can see is warm and welcoming…that is hot enough. ~
The perfect lips ~
His shy smile and sarcasm makes me melt… ~
His scar, and the way he dresses! ~
His face and his actitude ~
That wonderful voice ~
Love the chin dimple!!! ~
buff chest & arm muscles ~
The cleft in his chin. ~
his sexy, confident smile:) ~
That incredibly SEXY voice… ~
Are you kidding, let’s give props to the incredibly sexy voice! ~
The dimple in his chin!!! ~
It is a turn on that we can’t figure him out ~
Don’t care for or about the “baggy-lidded” part.  Those eyes are to die for.  LOVE the crows feet!!!!!!!! ~ *Don’t we all.
…his voice ~
His voice.  The cleft in his chin.  His eyelashes.  The birthmark on his neck. ~
Love the cleft in his chin! ~
his sexy smile ~
The voice!!!! And did someone in the chat room mention EYE LASHES?!!!! ~
His smile lines — I can’t tell whether they create the sparkle effect in his eyes or just enhance it. ~
His smile ~
the VOICE.  Tell me a bedtime story… ~
ALL of him!! Everything about him is perfect!!! ~
the sexy pouty lips!! ~
Kevins poetry in motion, when he speeks, very often his entire body moves on que,from his side to side head swizzles,his arms,wrists, (wonderful hand and wrist gestures) etc. ~
His smiling eyes!! ~
the laugh lines! ~
His smiling eyes ~
someone mentioned “eyelashes”!!!!!! ~
He dresses quite well. ~
The voice.  The voice.  THE VOICE!!!!!! ~
What is much more important that all of the above to me is how simple words turn into grand ones when they are uttered by his lips and how he toys with my mind in each and every role he plays. This man’s acting is too good to be true. He is unbelievably talent in all many artistic aspects, acting, singing, dancing, playing the harmonica and God knows what else. ~
how he moves ~
everything ~
The voice and his enunciation!!!!!! ~
when he speaks in a Southern drawl – just melting! ~
that gorgeous cleft in his chin. ~
smile ~
The way he kissed in American Beauty and his voice and the way he appeals to my intellectual ideals. ~
buttocks! ~

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