Poll #4: What was Kevin’s Most Embarrassing Project?

PuckerUpAll responses were written in. Responses with numbers after them had that many people give those answers.


Henry & June 11

I think it’s a toss up between HNE SNE and HNE SNE. Either that, or it might be HNE SNE… I’m still trying to decide. (The voter was so traumatized by seeing Kevin in this awful movie that he or she could not bring themselves to spell out the name of the movie. See below.)

See No Evil , Hear No Evil  18
with one added fan comment: the worst British fop accent ever!)

The Jim Baker Story 😛  2

Pay It Forward  4

being completely bold

Show of Force


Mr. Eugene Simonet

Rocket Gibralter (poor Kevin, look at those horrible shirts they made him wear!)

what?..are you kidding?

No, I’m not kidding.

Iron Will (2 votes now with an additional note: The Man Himself stated that he dislikes that movie)

Seven, he looked too GROSS in it

Seven (without comment)


his butt (2) and hair in Usual Suspects

L.A. Law  2


Hurly Burly

Esquire interview

the movies are great, the michael caine impression sux (sorry boychick, but it does)