Poll #5: Christmas is over.
What does Kevin do with the gift he didn’t like?

Christmas 4Call his mother and ask her advice.1
Call his agent and ask for advice.  0
Call his sister and ask for advice.  0
Kevin doesn’t need advice, he knows what to
do. 15
Kevin is gracious as always, so says thanks and puts the gift away in a closet and only gets it out when the person visits. 7
Kevin feels it’s wasteful to keep things in a closet unused, so he gives it away to the Salvation Army.6
Kevin feels it’s ungrateful to give someone’s present away so he  decides to use it all the time, no matter how he felt about the gift. 5
Kevin says thanks for the gift, hides it away and gives it to someone else in a few years. 3
Kevin can’t sleep for worrying that he’ll give the present back to the person who originally gave it to him, so he decides to exchange it for something else … 5
for a cash refund … 2
waits a while and gets a refund for the regular price, not the sale price. 1
Maybe he could sell it on eBay. 10

What else can he do???:

He could autograph it and sell it for charity!

Tell the person thanks and takes it back without that person knowing.

Nothing. Stuff like that always comes in handy some day…

give it to me

give it to me. Anything from Kevin is great.

Flies into a rage and screams “I’ll eat your children” at the person who gave him the offensive item (unless of course it was Jack Lemmon).

Mini and Legacy can always use an extra toy… 🙂

He could autograph it and sell it

He gives it to one of his minions and that person thanks him profusely, and tells him how wonderful he is.

He can get ahold of iluvkevin4ever and give it to her. ;-D