Poll #6: Kevin needs M&M’s in a snowstorm. 

It’s mid-January and Kevin’s at home in NYC when it starts snowing. There are  near-blizzard conditions and Kevin wants some M&M’s real bad. But his Zappy is blocked in by the snow.  He’s trapped! What does he do now?:

Calls his brother, er, sister and asks her to stop by the store for some candy. And maybe a six-pack of Coke since chocolate makes him thirsty. And btw – bring her good shovel. 13

He didn’t know she knew that kind of language. He grabs his own shovel and starts digging.  29

That’s what the doorman is for. 34

Tapes $3 into Mini’s collar and sends her for the emergency candy rations. 24

He decides to make do with the chocolate morsels left over from last year’s holiday baking. For now. 22

Telephones his staff and says he’ll give a raise  to anyone willing to get him some M&M’s.  A promotion if they’re peanut M&M’s. 37

After his staff tells him to get his own candy, he sits in front of the TV watching Gilligan’s Island, wishing he hadn’t eaten all the peanut butter cups left from Halloween. 18

The fuzzy slippers he made from his own chest hair are the only thing keeping him warm. He cries. 26

Kevin thinks he’s missing some other important  solution to his problem. What could that be??:

he calles his local fan club and ashley  his biggest fan(me) to get him some seence ill do any thing for him ANY THING

Starts on a screenplay….”The Great M&M Crisis”….calls Pacino..great – he’d love to do it.
He would call me up and I’d be over there in a meer second.  Then, after I had arrived he would realize that it was not M&Ms that he wanted at all, but it was infact me!!  So, we would forget about those damn M&Ms and… well.. you fill in the blanks…hehehe!!  Its the truth!!  It would happen!!  I’m coming Kevin!!  I love you!!

Snow shoes!

Throw a few copies of his latest reviews under the rear tires for traction.

He calls me to bring him some M&Ms, which I do, then proceed to feed them to him one at a time until the aphrodisiacal qualities of the chocolate kick in and then………….

The mailman comes and delivers a package of m&m’s from me! Kevin calls the number I left in the package and I come over and we drink hot chocolate.

I think he is rich enough to order a M&M-delivery service…If there is something like that in New York. And if there is no delivery service especially for M&M-emergencies he could call MacGyver for help…

And then MacGyver and Kevin are sitting in front of the chimney eating M&Ms and playing Scrabble…

calls his old pal Bill Clinton and tells him to bring over the limo with snow chains so they can go tooling around for candy and assorted other treats

Well, if M&M is really Marie and Melissa, all he has to do is call them!  They could, em, go to the store for him and bring back anything he wants.  Anything.  He.  Wants.

He calls Gristedes grocery store and has them delivered.

Uh, he looks in my general direction and I come RUNNING with M&M bags shoved in my lacey bra???!!  Duh, what did you think?

he calls his hot friend jen to come over with the m&m’s and they both make a fire together and roast marshmellows

Calls me to bring them over to him to help him eat them and also to keep him warm!
He sets out on foot for the ultimate M&M quest.

Stock fireplace with back issues of Esquire. Light. Make smores.

Success! He found an old m&m under the sofa cushion.

He’s starting to panic and wants to call 911 but he can’t remember the number.

Actually, Kevin has no problem.  He is so focused in his long and short term plans that he is always prepared for every contingency.

Kevin should ALWAYS have M&M’S in his house. Everyone knows ahead of time if there will be blizzard conditions.!

That I was with him when all the snow was falling and we could eat the M & M’s together, because I like them too.

I’d do it for him!

He takes a long hott shower first. Then calls me from the number i left him in my fan letter, and tells me if i get him some M&M’s he will give me sompthing i’ll never forget! LOL:)

he calls me because he knows I always have a stash of  peanut M&M’s.Of course,he will have a price to pay!LOL

He calls Steven and Mary Stuart in London and tells them it’s only a question of time when he will be back again for rehearsal. But first of all he must get those M&M’s as soon as possible. He promises them to bring some with him as he’s really thankful for their patience (He had to do the Telethon and he had to go to the Golden Globes!!)

He calls the local candy store and promises $100 to the employee who’ll bring him his yummies!

Invest in a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.

He shakes up a can of orange soda and tapes it to the back of his Zappy. He fires up the Zappy  and opens the can of soda. With extra soda  propulsion he can break free of the snow and ice and heads for the closest M&M monger!

Takes his risks, bundles up, and bears the cold to get his M&Ms.

He calls his personal horse-drawn sleigh driver on the cell phone and asks him to bring the rig around. Then, Kevin and some of his closest friends all pile  in for a jaunt through the village to buy some M&M’s!

After all else fails, he gets out his cross country ski’s  and freestyles his way to the nearest candy store!

email his fans!

i would give my m&m’s that i got in my stocking  to kevin

He phones me and I fly over from the UK with family bag of M&Ms…….

Decides he’s superman because all he reads are post  and web pages about him, till he really starts to believe that he is a super being, and decides to jump out the window and fly to the nearest liquor store and get some, and he does because he really is superman!
He puts on his winter jacket, gets the dogy`s their leash  and out the door he goes to the corner store for some  of his beloved M&M`s.

With me around, he doesn’t need any chocolate..

He calls up iluvkevin4ever and has her fed ex some M & M’s a.s.a.p.

gets drunk off the vodka (that was stored in his toilet) and forgets that he didn’t get his M&Ms

Contacts Clinton and requests an emergency M&M air drop from Air Force One.
Tells himself over and over “I won’t panic. I won’t panic.”

order them from the internet, if he can get it to work!!

call ME, i’ll be happy to wade thru the snow with a BIG packet of m&m’s for my beloved Kevin

He’s a pretty resourceful guy so I’m sure he can brave the weather and walk downtown to get some candy. If I was able to make it through NYC in a blizzard (and trust me, I did on Dec. 6th) then I’m sure our guy can!

Runs around in terror saying OMG NO MORE M&Ms untill someone gets him his g*****n M&Ms

he waits to see if they’ll be for sale at QVC

He can call me up all get him anything he wants no matter how much snow is on the ground

Since I always have a stock of M&M’s, I will bring them to Kevin. He will reward me by his never ending love and devotion for me!!

Find all the ingredients he can, and make his own.  Though they might turn out not so good!

A woman and (a good one) he would not have time to think about  M&M’s etc. Like everybody Once you have the right company! He would be quite happy to be snow bound.

he transforms into Buddy Ackerman and sends the brain-dead Guy out to get them for him!

he puts on his chest-hair slippers and walks over the snow, his feet are soo big that they act as snow-shoes!!

he is prepared for this type of situation, he brings out his ’emergency’ snow plough which is parked beside his zappy and ploughs on down to the shop for his m&m’s

he could find an old, out of date, chewed up packet in mini’s dog bed,but he loves m&m’s soo much that he eats them anyway

he writes his christmas list to santa “i’ve been a very good boy this year so please bring me some m&m’s” then he sits beside his chimney and waits for christmas

he’s so HOT that the snow melts when he goes outside, he is then able to go m&m shopping!

he makes a sleigh and uses mini and legacy as snow dogs to pull him to the shop!

he gets so desperate that he eats the dog treats that he was planning on giving to mini for christmas! to his surprise they actually taste quite good ‘meaty’ yumm!:-p

Sits on the couch, feeling sorry for himself, wading in a pool of sorrow… You know, that emotional memory might come in handy in the future. Do I hear you say “Oscar number three”?!

He should use the chocolate morsels! He shouldn’t waste the chest hairs on slippers!  Let a warm, willing woman keep him warm!

going next door to the beautiful blond’s apartment and asking to borrow a cup of kisses!