Poll #8: Kevin Spacey’s Hair

We all know that 2 time Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey is an actor for the ages, but what do his fans think about one of the most important aspects of his career .. his hair?? What do we like?

hairpicshort hair 850
longer hair 249
receding hairline 550
top of hair combed over to the side 282
top of hair combed towards the front 177
top of hair combed flat 152
top of hair forming a peak 227
mousse 137
gelled 137
bald spot 478
no bald spot 236
completely bald (Se7en) 164
California blond (Consenting
Adults) 139
yak white (Hurly Burly) 117
brown 568
black 95
graying at the temples 354
no gray at all 192
clean – shaven face 549
a bit of stubble 639
Love that chest hair! 931
Don’t like the chest hair. 127
Quoyle red/orange 80
Prefer him in a cap or hat. 212
Don’t like the caps and hats 399
Curls behind the ears 76