Prot: Human or Alien – The Books


I think prot was an alien. I read all three books in the trilogy. The author never completely says, but I’m convinced.

I think prot was an alien. I believe prot was from K-PAX, because I’ve read both K-PAX and On a Beam of Light.  In the book “On a Beam Of Light”, Robert’s multiple personality disorder is revealed, prot takes a back seat in the sequal and only emerges when he wants to make a statement.  He is also able to demonstrate ‘light travel’ when he is on a TV show.  After his demonstration, he reveals that Earth is doomed because most humans only care about their on species, which in the end will be their downfall.  When he does leave, he does so quietly.  I believe his sole purpose in coming to Earth so many times, was to help Robert. He realized he couldn’t do it himself and sought out Dr. Brewer’s help. BTW, Bess is very happy on K-PAX.  The book K-PAX ended slightly different then the movie.  In the book, a beam of light came into both prot and Bess’  room.  When the staff opened prot’s door, the room was empty; but when they went into Bess’ room, Robert was curled up on the floor and Bess was gone.

I think prot was an alien. In the books, he’s an alien.

I think prot was the human, Robert. I read both books by Gene Brewer so I knew going into the show that he was Robert Porter and Prot was his alter ego/secondary personality to help him with his post traumatic stress…

Me here – This is something I’ve wondered about .. I haven’t read the sequel to the book. It’s called On A Beam Of Light and is book 2 in a trilogy. It’s supposed to be about prot’s return, whether it’s from K-PAX or from the darkness of Robert’s mind, I don’t know which, but ..If there is no *movie* sequel made, does that then mean that what happens in the book, doesn’t mean anything to prot’s existence in the K-PAX movie?