Once upon a time…

…a movie company decided to try something fun for their DVD release? Cable debut? It was a while ago. I don’t recall. You came across this unusual ad online:

John Doe has committed 5 gruesome murders based on the seven deadly sins. The police need your help if they’re to apprehend him before he commits another murder. Only you can help. To join in the chase, volunteer here: non-working link after all these years

You had to sign up with your email address and then Detective Mills asked for your help! He was going to send you the files on John Doe!

Oh no! John Doe has somehow managed to infiltrate your email!!

See for yourself!

Be sure to read carefully. You never know who the emails are for. Or who they are from.

BTW – I only ever had one fan review for this film so I will add it below.

fan review by strix

This is probably the best serial killer film ever made. Spacey as John Doe is *brilliant*! When I first saw this film I had no idea Mr Spacey was even in it (I later found out he didn’t want his name in the opening credits to add shock when we first saw him later on in the film). But he’s an excellent actor – this is probably my favourite film 🙂

March 3, 2003