Custom Printed Birthday M&Ms sent to Kevin
by Spacey fans Liss (that’s me) and Laura

Lex Luthor Action Figures!

Super Breath Superman w/ Cardboard Lex Luthor Figure and Missile Launching Lex Luthor Action Figure, Kryptonite Armor Lex Luthor, Kryptonite POWER Lex Luthor

Spacey fan Jackie – by David

Superman Returns Matchbox Metropolis Adventure Set

ldren’s Book – Official Movie Book – Superman Returns
Earthquake in Metropolis! and Superman Returns Prequel Comic – Lex Luthor

Spacey Fan Jen’s Undercover Phone Pictures

Life cereal box cut-out game pieces

UNO Game Cards and TOPPS Lex Luthor Costume Cards


Superman Returns Movie Trading Cards

Spacey Fan Joanne’s Daily Planet Newspaper


Lex Luthor standee