More Spacey Poll #39 Hot For Kevin responses all rolled into one big batch of responses!

THE WAY HE MOVES!!! ~  his sexy voice ~  His body and his voice ~  His voice  ~  not to mention his voice with which he can make everything   possible 🙂 ~  Just the way the man moves.  He is pure elegance. ~  None of the above – it’s his sparkly eyes which always make me think, he’s having us all on. ~  He is just so sexy, he is pure SEX ON LEGS !!!! ~  His unnerving wisdom. ~  the way he moves ~  Not what I see.  What I hear.  THE VOICE!!!!! ~  Those beautiful cow eyes – I would love to get a wink. ~  just the whole package ~  He is just the most talented, giving and handsome actor in   the world. ~  The way he sings in Under the Sea..I grew up listening to Bobby Darren songs and when I closed my eyes, I could have sworn it was Bobby Darren singing.. ~  He looks like he is looking into your soul! ~  It’s the walk in the wiggle or the wiggle in the walk that caught my eye. ~  His laughter lines. If only one could hear the jokes. ~  His beautiful voice and they way he kind of swings his last word of a sentence as in the word “plaaaaaay.” ~  he’s just so adorable to look at ~  God -that voice ~  He has sexy eyes, and a velvet voice. ~  The fact that he’s so funny and not afraid to be silly. I find it endearing. ~  It’s something that you can’t get just from looking. It’s an honesty you won’t find in any other man. His mystery is noticed. ~  Those LIPS!!!!  ~  his beautiful smile, nose, and eyes!! ~  he is absolutly georgeous!!!!! My God Is he Human??? ~  The only person I would ever tell “this” to is Mr. Spacey himself!!! ~  everything!!!!!!!!! ~  LIPS! ~  Everything about his personality ~  His smile! ~  his eyes… he has gorgeous eyes! ~  his smile ~  he always seems so smart ~  his voice is a H-O-T topic worth discussion ~  Right ear ~  his voice ~  talent, talent, talent ~  He’s just sort of…ambient. He’s the type of person that can always surprise you. You think you understand him, and then he does something you never imagined him doing. ~  his intelligence and wit … he needs to lose the socks, though! But what a mind! That makes him doubly hot ~  overall, a great and tempting package. BUT the loveliest, most endearing aspects of our KEV are, for me, his voice and his lips. on a less shallow note, i have to say that i think his productivness is commendable, his talent, extreme! when can we get married? xoxoxoxoxoxoxo! ~  What’s not to love.  He is the perfect man.  Some of my favourite things: His bald patch, those gorgeous brown eyes, the scar on his right cheek (such a turn on), those kissable lips, his beautiful voice, the way his hair curls at the side of his neck, (another turn on), the chest hair (of course), his beautiful hands and big feet. His intelligence. Love the way he speaks, the way he dresses.  Just so sexy. Yes, I’m a BIG fan! ~  His voice, his eyes, his smile. I like all of Kevin ~  Voice. That man could read me a bedtime story any day of the week and twice on Sunday. ~  Everything about his man is perfect!!! Especially those FEET!!~  his discreet irony, his sparkle glance, his childlike but (sometimes) fiendish smile, his politeness and nobility and his intelligence are the features that make him more than special! ~  His warm smile ~  The voice! ~  The smile on the dial.~  eyes  ~  His ADORABLE smile!  My, my my…. What a girl wouldn’t do to get a pair of lips like those! *Sigh*  His persona is just as intriguing off screen as it is on!! ~  So I can’t really pin-point what it is about him…I just find myself pulled in and I can’t tear my eyes away.  On the surface he’s ordinary, but somethings there.  I know we’re all unique, and all that jazz, but with him that uniqueness, usually hidden, is unnervingly revealed.  Tell me how to look away.  Please… ~  I adore the whole package that is Kevin!! ~  I WANT TO SCREW HIM! 😀 ~  His charming, heart melting, knee weakening smile! ~  Everything about the man is wonderful, and sexy! But i love his hands, and those eyes….don’t even get me started! ~  That unmistakable, resonant, hypnotic voice! ~  his amazing muscles i can’t stand living without in American   Beauty!  ~  The dent in his chin.  Mmmmmmm…..!! ~  His warmth, his sincerity, his loyalty to his millions of fans. ~  He seems so ordinary in the realm of superstars, I find that very refreshing. ~  His whole demeanor, causes me to blush. 🙂 ~  His voice. ~  His wicked personality! ~  He has an aura of power about him, but also comes across as very down to Earth! I just love everything about him, I think I need to sit down! ~  I don’t call them dimples, they’re more like cheek flaps.  They make me want to go up and grab ahold of them and give them a good shake.  Awesome, sexy cheeks. ~  the voice. the smile. the kevin 😉 ~  Concerning the hair transplant comment, just take a gander at the pic of him as Lex Luthor.  The fact that the man has no hair simply brings out those beautiful eyes even more.  I’m not saying he should continue to shave his head but the hair loss is really not an issue. ~  I don’t call them dimples, they’re more like cheek flaps.  They make me want to go up and grab ahold of them and give them a good shake.  Awesome, sexy cheeks. ~  his warm smile  ~  His voice ~  In the Negotiator that blue shirt and the badge it makes him look so Sexy!!! ~  His beautiful voice I could listen to him all day. ~  His eyes! His mouth, every part of his body! His lovely personality and very sexy! A pleasure to meet! x x x ~  His warm, smooth chocolatey voice.  ~  He is perfect ~  The twinkle in those beautiful eyes of his. ~  him.. in general.. ~  Personality and talent win out over looks anytime ~  I have just seen him at the Old Vic wearing an ermine robe – HOT HOT HOT!  Charles and Camilla are in the US, let’s quit while we’re ahead and close the borders. Kevin for King!!! Long live   the King! ~  His voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~  His personality is so intriguing. ~  His voice!!! I just wanted to melt when I met Kevin!! His voice is so sexy and velvety smooth and you just want to kiss those lips full on…… ~  Chin. Voice. Eyebrows. Voice. Arse. Voice. Voice. ~  Hand claps. Feet (sockless). Cheekbones. ~  When he smiles! He doesn’t appear to be a vain man he seems comfortable with himself. ~  Sideburns and curls at the back of the neck. Flat stomach. Wrists and forarms. ~  His confidence as a person who can do and say what he wants to so honestly. ~  Hair transplant???? (several posts down) Are you MAD woman? Leave him as he is – he doesn’t need a hair transplant! Who said losing your hair was a crime – only in Hollywood maybe – but then since when has Hollywood been the ‘real’ world? He’s gorgeous as he is and if he spends more time here in the UK he’ll realise what the real world is truly about. We love you Kev! ~  His voice ~  and those FEET!!!!! :^) ~  Truth is I don’t know why I thinks he’s H-O-T, but I do…I would love to hear the story behind the ankle wrinkles though! I only wish I could get close enough to hear the sqeaking knees! ~  those big bright brown eyes. there is this one 8X10 PIC OF KEVIN SPACEY -IF YOU STARE AT HIS EYES LONG ENOUGH – IT IS LIKE THOSE EYES ARE LOOKING RIGHT TROUGH YOU. THE PIC IS CALLED [ DARK SHIRT] I GOT MY PRINT FROM ALLPOSTERS.COM. FOR ONLY $5.00. ~  His ability to look coy and his sexy smile is a great attribute. He has a fabulous bod and keeps himself in good physical condition. His voice is also very sexy when he wants it to be. I find so many attractive things about him. I do wish he’d consider a hair transplant! ~  The velvet voice ~  THAT VOICE-IT JUST MELTS MY KNEES ~  attached ear lobes (don’t ask) ~ (Believe me, I wasn’t going to!)  His Bottom Lip!!! ~   Actually, it’s something in the way he moves.. ~  He’s intelligent, plus the mystery of what the man behind the actor is actually like! P.S. Should I mention I’m married to a very intelligent older man with a receding hairline and bald spot? ~  his sexy eyes ~  Everything about Kevin is sexy! I love his intelligence and his voice the best!!! Oh…and his outlook on politics! ~  his intelligence, his confidence, his personality, his talent, his devotion to a purpose or a cause ~  The whole Kevin package make me swoon!!! ~  His amazing voice ~  his butt is magnificent lol ~  his serious but sensual glare ~  Any suit and tie he wears.  He wears them better than anyone.  And, of course, those shiney shoes. What a sex pot he is.  I am a HUGE fan. ~  He is the ultimate sex package without trying to be. ~  His smile and his gorgeous eyes!!! I nearly fainted when Kevin was looking straight at me when I was in the Pit bar at the Old Vic!!! He is just sex on legs!!!! ~  mouth, voice ~  The way he says f**k! Nice ass. Bottom lip. ~  🙂 He is Kevin Spacey….How could he not be sexy…???????  ~  All of the above! But mostly the chest hair!!  ~  his smile ….the tone of his voice…that LOOK he gives when something or someone has caught his eye. WHOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO ~  VOICE – Oh that voice!!  I’ve played the Honda advert a million times. ~  His body. His personality quirks, which show on his face. ~  He looks amazingly sexy in suits!  (By the way, I had no idea about the missing tooth!) ~  his voice! ~  Head tilt. Hitching up his trousers. ~  The role of mystery man , which is the most accomplished of his roles. He is louche, but with a twinkle in his eye. (But those hats, they are a mistake now, if they are supposed to hide his famous face.) ~  Most people who have so-called “good looks” in fact have fairly ordinary looks! What shines through is their interesting personalities. All hail to Kevin’s complex, amusing, intelligent, sensitive personality that shines through his face! ~  His “shy” smile and the way he tilts his head when he does it! (And <oh, my!> I’m breaking out into a sweat as I type this) His velvet voice and that accent… ~  The voice!  ~  hes just really hott ~  What I like is that he is just plain weird. ~  his voice and that oh so sweet tilt of his head before he delivers a sarcastic line ~  The way that when he looks at you, that in his eyes you know he is real.  Not a phony like a lot of the pretty boys in Hollywood. ~  The one-of-a-kind voice.  Warm as velvet, like a gentle wind caressing you as it drifts all over you. ~  those cute jeans he was wearing at the stage door! ~  His style!  ……Aside from those g** ***n hats that he seems to have taken a fancy to..Anyway, other than that he’s an impeccable dresser.  Have you seen some of those suits? ~  His smile. His mind. His singing. His dancing. His talent. The way he says ‘hmmm’. His voice. The utter and complete sexiness of him.  ~  Sexiest, most soulful eyes ever….. ~  Ah, Liss, it’s just that warm fuzzy feelin’ that I get when I hear that car commercial…..Gotta go.  I think I’m buying an Accord this weekend…. ~  His Mouth. Definitely. ~  his lips. ~  Sexy smile ~  Voice!  Oh yes! ~  People magazine want to name the most sexiest man alive. I have written to add him to the list. Email Whitney Matheson at: by October 28th to get Kevin on the list. ~  Who cares what he looks like – recognise the talent!!! ~ Kevin and Mini look alike ~  His mesmerising stage presence and magnificent talent could be a couple of factors ~  this grin 😉 ~  Those dreamy eyes seem like they are looking right at YOU! ~  his cheeky little smile, and his lovely warm eyes that make you melt every time he looks at you or the camera. ~  Let’s not forget that sly grin that implies he’s up to something.  Or the head tilt, sharp wit, magnificent voice and wicked sense of humor. ~ All that aside, the man is CHARISMATIC.  You can’t help but to be drawn in by him.  Kevin is worth fifty Pitts, Clooneys and Cruises. ~  The most beautiful voice I have ever heard combined with the occasional delicious chuckle. ~  His warm personality. And his hands! ~  Curls at the back of the neck. Jawline. Smile that reaches his eyes. Plus – His voice and that accent! (to a brit, it sounds very sexy)! ~  Even if he misses the tooth he has the most luminous smile I have never seen! ~  And EVERYTHING ELSE! He is sexy because he isn’t perfect-so many of us feel that way huh? ~  His gorgeous smile! …He’s missing a tooth?! ~  Never noticed the missing tooth, can anyone send me a pic of that.  I think it’s the whole package.  Did I say “Package?” ~  everything about him! ~  Everything about him…he is just too cute for his own good. ~  just his wonderful overall appearance, and his incredably agile mind, what a cutie! What a turn on, yum! ~  That white jacket he wore in L.A.Confidential.! And any suit and tie he wears.! ~  That voice!!! ~  big feet ~  His adorable grin. ~